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  1. "and all the volume pots have a wide range of control until about 2 where they drop off pretty quickly" Brian, are you saying that you have the same problem like mine or not? i didnt quite get it.. Or still, my pots are messed up since i cant hear any declining sound when i turn down my vol knob (one that closer to the edge of the guitar)...?
  2. Thanks for you replies.. Actually it is a guitar with a "used" stamp at the back of the headstock. I'm not sure when is it made, but for where is it made, it is hand crafted in China. So the problem is about the pots. HM.. Could you tell me how much will it cost if i bring it to a guitar repair shop? And Brian, u recommend me to upgrade the entire wiring harness.. May i know why and as well as the approximate price? By the way I'm in Sydney Australia, but you can give me an approximate repairing price in USD. Thanks for y'all help
  3. Hi all, My guitar (epiphone sheraton), has a problem regarding her vol control knob (the bottom one, one that controls the bridge pickup and also one that control the vol of the guitar when the switch is in a neutral position). The problem is that when i turn that vol knob down, the sound of the guitar that came out from my amp isn't decreasing, until it reach around 2 or 3, then it shuts the sound. So it is not gradually, but instead just like an electrical switch for your light at home, directly ON & OFF, not gradually increasing or decreasing. But all the knobs (the other v
  4. Hi all, how r u doing? Just want to shows you all my simple collection. Hope you'll like it. Cheers
  5. Ow.. But i think i'll go with epi case.. What i want to know,does Epiphone 335 Case wrap Epi Sheraton nicely? Is there only 1 type of Epiphone 335 Case?one that fits Sheraton, Dot, Casino...? Cheers
  6. Hi all, how r u? Recently, i bought an Epiphone sHeraton. But it didnt include a hardshell case.. Thus, i'm planning to buy 1 epiphone 335 case. Will my new guitar fit to that case? Does Epiphone Case 335 fit with all tuoenof Epi's 335? I.e. Dot, Sheraton, Casino.. Etc.. Thanks buddy
  7. Hi all.. I'm interested in Hollowbody recently, Epiphone Sheraton, Dot, Riviera and that kinda of stuffs.. I'm looking at Epiphone's, because i believe that their quality is good. Not too sure though, thats why i open this thread. WHat are the advantages of having these type of guitar? The benefits? I personally like it because of the shape of it.. Does the sound actually affected by the fact that it is hollowed? Thanks all..
  8. Tube carvin.. I'll give it a check.. Hm.. How about if just forget the $200 budget.. Any suggestions? Might not need the one reall expensive like big Marshall amp.. I think this one is for like a big live concert.. I do need an amp, a good n matching amp, for just personal use in..lets say bedroom..
  9. Hm... I'm just gonna using it for personal use. The style, mainly sort of greenday.. And Hillsong, its a Gospel song type.. Any suggetion.. ?
  10. That gig bag is my Ibanez's.. I was just playing that one at that moment as well.. And that space is kinda narrow for the case.. Anyway, thanks.. By the way, i'm wondering what do you recommend for a great, price approx $200 amp that is suitable for this kind of guitar.. Gibson LP
  11. HM.. are these the one that Gretsch guitars with Bigsby (include tailpiece) use? Anyway, what is this called peter?
  12. About the problem of the strap buttons.. First, i cant use stuff like this Because my strap buttons are really tight.. what i need is... Something to fill the gap that the red arrow is pointing..something solid i suppose.. Thus, if all this are going well.. i can use any time of locks i want.. just like it the top strap buttons. I need this length (red line) So SOrry to make this complicated...
  13. Both Bigsby B7 And Vibramate V7, i purchased 'em via eBay.. I'm in Sydney Australia, but the seller is from US.. And yes, It is really hard to find local stores that sell either each or both of these items..
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