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  1. Roodhy

    Cables ??

    I want to buy the Mogami gold, but i cant find one thats ships to norway (europe). can you please post a site that ships worldwide please. atleast to norway would be fine.:)
  2. Roodhy

    Cables ??

    Hi everyone. Im wondering, i need some new cables, but i dont know which. I need one short, one long, and one in between. I want some that isnt noisy, have a long life time, Can handle many gigs and have good sound. Which should i choose, and where can i buy them (online ofcourse). Im from norway so if you know some cables and where i can get them, that would be fine
  3. I have tried to find the exact slash tone for a long time; but i cant do it. All i find is eq settings, gain and output. But what about all of the other effects. Can you please tell me what effects he is using and the settings on them please. Im looking for the AFD sound or the newest album!
  4. I cant igure out which amp i want. is it the blackstar series one 100w or the marshall jcm 800. im playing things from slash led zeppelin and almost everything but not to heavy. i want a easy to use amp with more chanels. and alot of sound possibility, which one? fell free to intreduce me to other amps to please:)
  5. Im wandering what the differences is fromm epiphone les Paul 100 and gibson les Paul standard 2008 honny burst please write got to prove There is an amazing different.
  6. Appetite Les Paul Is there any guitars like classic, studio faded, standard etc i can compare the appetite les paul with for example the neck how that feals and more. please come up with ideas and answer me please!!!!!
  7. Haha, i like guitar players like slash van halen and stuff but i dont like when you cant hear what the guitar player are doing or if the vokal is aaaarrrrrrgghhhhhhh all the time.
  8. Roodhy

    Les Paul

    you have all kinds of effects in the boss br-1600 cd even for vokals bass you can make the guitar sound like a bass etc.
  9. Roodhy

    Les Paul

    The Br-1600 cd is great. you can add drums just as you want. you have guitar effects in the Br. you should get one if you like to record your own things!
  10. im playing rock, hard rock, blues and more. but not to heavy. should i buy a Gibson Les Paul Studio Faded, or a Gibson Les Paul Classic?
  11. Roodhy

    Les Paul

    Is the les paul studio faded guitar a good guitar. i play rock and hard rock, blues and everything else but not to heavy. i use the boss gt-10 pedal and the br-1600 cd recorder. will this guitar sound good on this things.
  12. thanks guys im going for the gibson. i love the faded worn brown finish and the guitar screamed buy me in the guitar store. thank you very much!
  13. HI I need some help, because i dont know what to do. sould i buy a Mesa Boogie Rectoverb series 2 or a gibson les paul studio faded. i got an epiphone les paul 100 with slash hums, and i use the gt-10 from boss. i also got roland cube. what sould i buy. the mesa boogie rectoverb series 2 or gibson les paul studio faded. im playing blues, rock, hard rock, jazz and everything but not to heavy things. help please!
  14. Roodhy


    I been thinking to get a gibson les paul studio faded, but is it good with pedals as Boss gt-10 or the studio Boss Br-1600 Cd. does it have good sound?
  15. Hello. I am playing blues and Rock and almost everything else too, but which humbuckers is best in a LP if you are playing Blues and Rock like: GNR, Nickelback, Zz Top, Santana etc. Is it the EMG 81 and 89, or Gibson Dirty Fingers.
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