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  1. At about 1:15 you can see Simon Nicol playing a guitar shaped like a Kellog's Cornflakes box. I just got RT live at Rockaplast for Xmas and watched one of the DVD's the other day and low and behold that beauty was being played. But you might as well listen to the whole thing cause it's Richard Thompson.




    Richard Thompson! i'd listen if he was playing a plastic, hello kitty guitar.

  2. i don't know. doesn't the Custom Shop function separately from the Gibson USA shop? i.e. this is still a hand crafted instrument, and the extra attention and labor accounts for something. My son plays flute in his HS band, and I bought him a Yamaha "intermediate" flute after comparing them to the "professional" ones: the price difference was staggering (~$1300 vs ~$2500, being essentially the same materially).


    this all said, we vote with our wallets: maybe someone's dream instrument is a custom shop special in red... :)




  3. Netflix just started streaming it yesterday. I enjoyed it, I planned to watch only half last night but ended up watching it full.


    While I had a pretty good idea as to how this aspect of the industry work I still enjoyed the detail they go into.


    I was hoping the whole Jake E. Lee/Ozzy writing credits would be covered but it wasn't, but still, the subject is addressed.


    Oh yea, I already didn't like Billy Joel, but now I like him even less.



    I really enjoyed this documentary, I found Rudy Sarzo's story particularly interesting.

  4. That's pretty cool! What transformers did you use?


    Here's my 5e3 build. Still gotta do the dang cab lol having a heck of a time finding a router bit that I'm looking for to do the box joints. Even tried getting one custom made. So looks like I'm gonna have to change plans.




    Here's where my Revibe project is currently at




    i used hammonds, they were very cheap. :)





    that 5E3 wiring looks beautiful!

  5. I used this layout, which I can't seem to find online any more. It uses diodes instead of a tube rectifier, and other minor changes.





    this was my first homemade amp, and it's still one of my favorites.





    can't wait to see your progress!



  6. I need to look into the amps. I like the 50s- early 60s sounds. Never needed an amp before. Something new to learn. Thanks for the praise. I've built many things from wood, mostly aircraft parts. I'm trying to build the skill set to build some acoustic guitars by the end of the year.



    start with a tweed, like a 5F2-A princeton or 5E3 deluxe. they are relatively simple, and sound great! I've built both, and the princeton in particular is a fun little amp.


    beautiful woodwork: I can only imagine how great an amp you'd make would look! :)




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