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  1. would actually be kinda funny if they get sued by Paramount... \\// :)
  2. Richard Thompson! i'd listen if he was playing a plastic, hello kitty guitar.
  3. i don't know. doesn't the Custom Shop function separately from the Gibson USA shop? i.e. this is still a hand crafted instrument, and the extra attention and labor accounts for something. My son plays flute in his HS band, and I bought him a Yamaha "intermediate" flute after comparing them to the "professional" ones: the price difference was staggering (~$1300 vs ~$2500, being essentially the same materially). this all said, we vote with our wallets: maybe someone's dream instrument is a custom shop special in red... :) cheers, D
  4. Steve is great! I'd question the validity of a documentary on session players that he was not in. :)
  5. I really enjoyed this documentary, I found Rudy Sarzo's story particularly interesting.
  6. i had to log in to read this morning, guess i can lurk no more... :)
  7. we love this place, on Clark: Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder absolutely killer. :) cheers, D
  8. the amber color is killing me... must. resist. :)
  9. those videos are really cool! i'm on an Anderton's binge-watch now, thanks for sharing! :)\ -Don
  10. i am liking my Fender Bassbreaker 15, definitely worth trying.
  11. I've signed, and hope he makes it. thanks for sharing! Don
  12. it was Ace for me too. :) I've diversified a lot since I was a kid, but I still have a soft spot for early Kiss... D
  13. if you've not tried one, give Fender's new Bassbreaker 15 a try too.
  14. triode electronics is great! i've used Classictone iron in a few builds, including my fender bassman and the 5C1 champ i'm working on now. good stuff! Cheers, Don
  15. i used hammonds, they were very cheap. :) that 5E3 wiring looks beautiful!
  16. I used this layout, which I can't seem to find online any more. It uses diodes instead of a tube rectifier, and other minor changes. this was my first homemade amp, and it's still one of my favorites. can't wait to see your progress! Don
  17. awesome! can't wait to see the progress!
  18. you too sir! good to see the DIY thread is still going strong! :)
  19. start with a tweed, like a 5F2-A princeton or 5E3 deluxe. they are relatively simple, and sound great! I've built both, and the princeton in particular is a fun little amp. beautiful woodwork: I can only imagine how great an amp you'd make would look! :) cheers, Don
  20. there is a great book on this as the band split: "You Never Give Me Your Money: The Beatles After the Breakup" ISBN: 0061774189 fascinating stuff! cheers, Don
  21. i'm down to 1... its a beauty tho: cheers, D
  22. finished it with some letraset lettering and green sparkle.
  23. thanks! for drilling the holes, i have a really small #32 drill bit (0.116"), and then just use my cordless Dremel. a drill press would be much easier and accurate. i got a package of 6 bits on eBay for all of $6. for the press-n-peel, make sure your iron is above 275 degrees: i usually start ironing when it hits ~300. i use a cooking thermometer to measure it until it's hot enough. then iron 2-3 minutes to ensure a good transfer. you can clean up the traces with the combination of an x-acto and black sharpie, or just draw the traces by hand with a sharpie: anything you draw with the marker will stay. have fun! Don
  24. my latest project: Big Muff Pi. i used the pdf as found at tone pad, building the "stock" version. i have the components to tweak it, if need be.. press-n-peel, right after ironing: after etching, drilling the holes and cleaning up with steel wool: passive components mounted (sockets for diodes and transistors): wiring done: a blue LED: painting is next. -Don
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