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    east london (cockney lad)
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    guitars, cars, booze, women!!!!!!!!
  1. I hope you are doing well Steve !!!!

  2. hi damo! no "steve" thread from me this weekend i'm affraid :(

  3. oh i see, sorry matt lol

  4. Steve you giant tit, I wrote "this too" meaning yet another we excel at - TAKE DOWN YOUR EVIL COMMENT NOW!!!

    (Massive spam sent down the computer cables)

  5. not by the defence league, but others may see you as one lol

  6. Steve, was considering a trip across the pond to England. I wanted to hang out with the English Defense League, but was unsure if I would be considered a "Wanker".

  7. I love you too Steve.

    Also, did you try copying the links into your address bar? That should do it. Either that or they won't play in the UK. They worked fine on my end.

  8. links don't work XD?

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