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  1. A good buddy of mine bought one and had constant tuning issues. All strings seemed properly intonated when played open. Meaning open strum and plucked at the 12th fret harmonic. I intonate a little differently. I finger the note at the 12th to compensate for the finger pressure on the string causing the string to bend a little sharp. In any case, the tuning problem only happens with my buddy. Works fine for me. I have a much lighter touch when playing. I noticed he was constantly pulling the strings sharp as well as actually flexing the neck a little. It appears there is more flex in the neck
  2. Wow. Another cold one here today. -40 with the wind chill. -40 is the same in either C or F
  3. A little sad to say that I have removed the Robot tuning system from my 2008 Robot LP. Unfortunately the MCK started falling off whenever I tried to tune. I brought it to a Gibson authorized repair depot and they told me it couldn't be fixed. Plastic parts no longer holding together. They suggested the new min E tune for over $300 cdn. I bought a set of Grover 502C's. Install went well. I only had to ream out the holes to fit. Bummer losing the Robot feature but now I have a guitar that is usable. I've always loved the sound and playability of the guitar regardless of the Robot tuning.
  4. I met and had a little coaching from Les Emmerson not too long ago. Same with Peter Fredette from the Kim Mitchell band. Really nice folks. Dave
  5. I remember telling my wife after I brought home my R0 that it would be my last guitar purchase. I've since bought 4 guitars, a new amp, various pedals, accessories and just on Saturday, a new PA system.
  6. discovered a whole new level of dental pain yesterday. I was in for a new crown. Insurance covers most. My wife came out of the dentist office with some news. She is going to have 4 dental implants...they are $4,000 cdn EACH. Now that is one hell of a lot of fine guitars there.
  7. All that fun stuff and you get to pay for it too. I'm going in to have a permanent crown installed on a front tooth tomorrow. Looks like it is in the $2000.00 Canadian range. Thankfully I have dental insurance through my work but it doesn't cover it all. Looks like I'll have to spring for about $700.00
  8. Absolutely a beaut. I vividly remember the day I brought my R0 home. Grinned like an idiot for about a month. Still do. Every time I pick her up.
  9. Here's one from this time last year.
  10. It could happen but right now I can't think of anything I need. I know. What has need got to do with it. My wife is fully expecting me to get another guitar. Pretty reasonable purchase as when she retired a few years ago we installed a 8 person hot tub. Don't much care for them myself but she loves it. Actually, thinking about it a bit, a Tele would be a welcome addition to the herd.
  11. This is a good thread. Guitar hurdle: There were probably many as far as actually playing goes but what really stands out in my mind was playing on stage. The thought scared the heck out of me. I still don't get on stage often but now I feel anxious (in a good way) rather than too nervous. There is always a little nervousness but I've found that to be a good thing. I always did my best when a little nervous whether playing guitar, playing hockey or any other sport. Life hurdle: I guess we all face hurdles to some degree but like Surf, I have to say I've been very lucky in life. My newe
  12. Hi Dave. I too had been very pleased with my Robot LP until a few months ago. The MCK fell off in my hand in several pieces. I figured out how to put it back together but it kept coming off ever since. I brought it to a authorized Gibson repair depot and was told it couldn't be fixed. My options were to try and find a replacement on E-Bay or if I wanted to keep the optional tuning, replace what I have with the Tronical Min E tune for $320 Canadian. It installs completely on the headstock. I've lost confidence in the auto tune systems. What happens if you happen to be on stage when the darn
  13. Ruby has been here before but I never get tired of looking at her.
  14. It was really a bit of a shocker. Many friends and family were in lock down at their respective places of work. I work about 10 km from the scene but drive right by it twice a day. Even this morning there were road blocks. This was an act of terrorism whether inspired by ISIS or whether this was a lone wolf. This was the second act this week. The first being near Montreal, Quebec where a service man and a civilian were mowed down by an individual in a car who called emergency response himself to declare that he has done Allah's bidding. The serviceman died as a result. As did the assailant
  15. I've always been a big fan of the cherry burst. Mine is a VOS R0.
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