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  1. Here are two of my SG's and a wall of Marshall sound.
  2. While there have been many influential and unbelievably talented SG players throughout the years, Angus was the reason I started playing guitar 25 years ago! He is by far my favorite SG player.
  3. Thanks everyone for the informative replies! The guitar is indeed a '63 Les Paul/SG and I was told by the seller that the neck reset can only be seen under a black light and it was done very well. Like many have said, they are notorious for neck issues. All things considered, I'm likely going to pass on it, which is too bad because the guitar is very clean otherwise and 100% original. It's also priced reasonably well (under $15k), but mos people seem to think that anything but an untouched instrument is not a good investment. I agree with the "black eye" phrase rockstar mentioned. I h
  4. This may belong in the Vintage Sub-Forum but it seems like nobody reads or posts there... I've been looking for a vintage early 60's Les Paul/SG Standard for an investment and thought I had found one that fits my desires. However, I learned that it has had a neck reset done. While I understand that these are quite common, especially with acoustics, it is a very costly and labor intensive repair. The procedure may even involve shaving the neck/heel or re-fretting in some cases. Obviously, it's is much less desirable to have a neck reset done on a collectible guitar than a "players" guita
  5. I'm not sure it's making a difference, but I keep a packet of Silica Gel inside my case. It's used to "control local humidity in order to avoid spoilage or degradation of some goods": http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silica_gel Of course, I always wipe down my guitar after playing and store it in the case too.
  6. All of the above advice is right on but also want to add another suggestion for your issue. Have you considered getting the guitar Plek'd? Check out: http://www.plek.com/ for more info and locations of local shops that have the machine. My Angus Young Gibson Custom Shop SG came Plek'd from Gibson and the action is lower than any of my other 9 guitars, and incidentally, my favorite to play.
  7. On a similar note, mine is loose too. How do you actually take the arm off? I've tried turning the screw counter-clockwise, bit it's so tight I would strip the threads if I forced it. I emailed Gibson, but still no reply two weeks later.
  8. I spoke with my local Gibson dealer and he said that the numbers are even less. He said they are making 200 aged and 100 with a gloss finish. I haven't read that anywhere not have I read what the production numbers will be. Why is Gibson keeping it a secret? I suppose in a week or so when it's released we'll be able to see if they are number XXX/XXX or if the certificate is numbered (which I doubt). Anyway' date=' it will be a limited run and I think it's a killer looking guitar. Like someone else posted, too bad Slash didn't actually play a Gibson Les Paul on the Appetite album but
  9. Nice find GibSinCity! Hopefully is in good condition:-)
  10. I'm new to the forum but a Gibson Sg player for about 25 years. I'm very eager to see what Gibson delivers with the 50th Anniversary. I basically agree with just about everything hbomb76 already wrote but to use my own words... I'm hoping that both Gibson and Gibson Custom deliver 50th Anniversary models. Like most of the people here, I would prefer the half pickguard and Maestro. I would also like a nice, cherry red finish, not worn, faded, aged, etc. I also agree with hbomb76 in that the guitar should have a clean, rich gloss finish! I don't want to buy a "new, reissue, 50th anni
  11. Angus and Bon together were magical!
  12. I agree. I like the small cream pick guard.
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