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  2. Shade is correct. The Kalamazoo plant closed around '84 so, the last three digits being under 500 on later guitars no longer meant Kalamazoo, Michigan plant.
  3. I like the sound of my "64 Byrdland and other guitars through my '64 Fender Deluxe Reverb the best, and through my "66 Deluxe Reverb second best. They are only 22 watts but they are as loud as I ever need and I can get just about any tone I can imagine. If I need more volume then, I go through a PA. I have experimented with different tubes and find that I can get more headroom when needed by just using different tubes. I have had many amps both tube and solid state but, I keep going back to thr Deluxe Reverbs. FYI, I also have a Polytone MiniBrute III which is 100 watts RMS and has a 15 " speaker. Some people rave about them for Jazz and some use them for Bass. If anyone can use it, I would sell it cheap (approx. $175.) plus shipping.
  4. IMHO, Gibson on the headstock is always better than Epiphone on post 196o's guitars. Better pickups, electonics and eventually better resail value. :)
  5. First off, congratulations on your new Gibson guitar! I'm sorry for the negative comments you experienced on the forum. I like to see constructive and helpful comments, and I try to help people solve technical problems with their guitars. Unfortunately, I am a better guitar repair technician than a player but, I enjoy passing on repair tips when I can. I think it's great that you thought enough of American guitars and workmanship, that you were willing to spend your hard earned money on them. Gibson has been very good to me and I was priveledged to be on their 100th anniversary poster and in magazine ads. I appreciate all the great music and artists that Britain has contributed to us as well. I also collect antique autos and I spent alot of money and 5 1/2 years of labor on my Jaguar XK 140 MC Roadster. People may think I am crazy too until I let them drive my car. Thanks to the Brits! :)
  6. It's just one of the many Les Paul copies that came out in the 1970s. Most were made in Japan. There were many different brand names like Aria , etc. Someone has done a poor job of trying to make the one in your photos look like a Gibson. At least back then, the companies building Fake LPs didn't have the balls to put a Gibson logo on their crap. I used to see these copies very often at yard sales for $25. to $35. and they were OK as beginner guitars.
  7. I hope that none of you are seriously considering sending any money for the Super 400 fake. If you receive any guitar at all, it will not be anything you will be proud to own. The photo seems to be "re-cycled" in different ads to attract more suckers. You can not buy quality materials for the prices they ask, much less quality labor. At the same time it degrades the fine Gibson name and reputation. Please don't encourage others to support companies that infringe on trademarks. GIBSON needs to ACT NOW to stop these fakes ! I am a retired CFE (Certified Fraud Examiner) and always remind people that you get what you pay for. Forum members are probably much more well informed than the general public but, I'm concerned about the unsuspecting guy on the street who buys a fake and later gets the bad news. Even though it wasn't Gibsons' fault, he will resent the company for letting it happen to him. If you want a very playable and attractive (non-Gibson) jazz guitar that is affordable you may want to consider the new D' Angelico New Yorkers. They are foreign made but at least the name is licensed and the guitars are of reasonable quality. I have examined and played a few of them and they are reasonably good for a basic jazz box. I'll stick with my 46 year old Byrdland. I wonder how many of those Chinese fakes will be firewood long before that. Be carefull out there. Lots of people want to get into your wallet and they don't care how they do it.
  8. I like to use lengths of clear vinyl tubing available from hardware/home improvement stores. I select sizes that fit the pot shaft snugly, and use the tubing to direct the pot in whatever direction it needs to go. For the output jack, select tubing that fits snugly inside the hole in the jack. This allows you to pull the jack back into position after servicing and you can thread the washer and nut over the tubing and re-tighten the nut while holding the jack in position with the tubing. Once tightened, just pull the tubing out of the jack. This has worked well for me on Gibson ES series, Gretsch and PRS Hollowbody guitars and has been a real time saver. While you have the components out, be sure to clean all pots, contacts and solder joints. Good Luck, you will be an experienced Guitar Tech before you're through.
  9. I have owned four L6S Gibsons over the years and all had the clear decal with gold serial number applied to the back of the headstock that was used from 1975 - 77. They probably made some before and after those dates as well which would have had impressed serial numbers. Photos would help. They have very hot ceramic pickups and Carlos Santana endorsed them for awhile in the 70s.
  10. IMHO, I believe your white SG is a 1987 model based on the first and fifth digits of the serial number. The yellowing of the neck binding, coil tap switch, Kahler, etc all reflect an '80s vintage. Also, I don't know anyone who would install a Kahler on an 07 guitar. I recommend that you check with Gibson to verify the date. Congratulations on an excellent deal !
  11. I found the original question interesting because I've pondered that same question many times before. Even though I have worked on hundreds of Gibson guitars over the years, (both brand new and vintage) regardless of the model, the bridge can be found facing either direction. L5 Larry hit the bullseye when he described that the individual saddles can be oriented for more adjustment and Rockstar pointed out that the bridge may be easier to adjust depending on whether the guitar uses a stop tailpiece or other type. IMHO, I think that in addition to these factors, the choice of bridge orientation at the factory may also be the result of minute variations in the manufacture process. If the holes for the bridge stud bushings are drilled even a fraction of an inch off or the settling of the glue in the neck joint or nut are not dead on, then a decision has to be made when final intonation is set up. This may explain why even new Gibsons may be delivered with the bridge facing either direction. It would be interesting to hear from the shop personnel at Gibson on this.
  12. Hey '88 Silverburst, Welcome. You were wise to hang on to your original. I haven't seen too many of those. It looks like it has the ceramic pickups (without pole adjustment screws). Before going to PRS, Carlos Santana used to play the L6-S model Gibsons with those pickups and really made them scream. Best Wishes !
  13. Thanks for the welcome. I include myself as sort of a guitar snob and wouldn't buy a new Epi but, I would rather help a new musician than burn him. He may become a Gibson fan in the future just like us. I'm sure you know that Gibson used those cheap plastic jack plates on our beloved early LPs until a guy named Wayne Charvel started making replacement plates out of metal. Wayne later worked for Gibson and the company included metal plates on new guitars. I know that I am a "Noob" on this forum but, I have worked on guitars for more years than many of you have been alive. I don't have time to list all of the guitars in my collection but, the '56 LP Special I just sold was one of the less interesting guitars I own. My 15 minutes of fame was being included on Gibsons' 100th anniversary poster and in their magazine ads at the time. I have talked to BB King and other Gibson artists on many occasions and they would be the last to criticize. I know the poster probably should not have posted in this forum but, shouldn't we try to help our fellow musician? He may be the next Clapton, Page, Hendrix etc.
  14. Excuse me but, did anyone answer this poor guys main question about why his cord won't plug into the jack ? Regardless of whether he owns a new Epi or an original '59 LP Standard Burst, I have seen this problem often and on extremely valuable classic guitars. It sounds like he just needs to loosen the nut on the output jack and rotate the jack to a position where the jack contact inside the guitar does not interfere with the wood in the internal routing. Then simply re-tighten the nut securely. Once he can plug the guitar in, then the info on control functions will be of greater value as he discovers how the guitar sounds. Are we guitar snobs ?
  15. Thanks to all for your comments and emails regarding my Les Paul. I made a counter offer to the dealer that was considerably higher than his original offer of $5,500. and the guitar has been sold. Thanks again for all your suggestions. I still have my two favorite Gibsons: 1964 Byrdland Custom formerly owned by Junior Watson, and my Gibson Lucille that BB King autographed for me long ago. Best Wishes, 56LP Special
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