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  1. My 339 has the 57s and I wouldn't change them. They sound perfect.
  2. I love my 339. Dream guitar would be an L5, but I doubt I'll ever get one. Don't play well enough to justify it, anyway!
  3. Michael Stanley Band, from Cleveland, Ohio -- 70s and early 80s. Part of the soundtrack back then for me. Haven't listened to them since the old days:
  4. The Pick is Back! I don't know where it came from. It was just sitting there on the floor. I think it had fallen between some books of sheet music, and earlier when I pulled out one (Solo Blues Guitar from Hal Leonard), it fell out. At least that's my theory. Or the Pick Fairy took her magic wand and ta-dah! put it on the floor.
  5. This is why we buy picks in bulk. I swear it was there one minute, and gone the next! Where do they go? And it was brand new, too. A Fender thin, one of those bigger triangular ones. White. Luckily it wasn't one of my favorite picks. Does anyone else have favorite picks? I mean individual picks. I used Dunlop nylons for a long time, but now I'm back to Fender thins. One of my faves is a Fender blue tortoiseshell medium. I've had it for years. I don't use it anymore, but I love the color. Maybe we should share pics of our picks! I'll try and post my collection!
  6. Just my 2 cents. I have an Epi Dot and a Gibson 339. Note exactly comparable in size, etc., but similar. Of course the Gibson sounds better. A lot better. That's why we pay the big bucks for them. the Dot sounds good, for the price. My particular Dot is somewhat tinny and metallic, but I think that's just the wood. It sounds harsh. I think Gibson/Epiphone make quality instruments at many price points. I don't know about the really pricey models, but from the Dot to the Gibsons around 2k, I think we get what we pay for. More bucks will get us better instruments, disregarding that th
  7. Great stories from so many people! I decided to finish out the semester and then work on my own. I'm able to learn songs by myself, and I know the basics of good technique. I think I need a break from my teacher and his moods, and he probably needs a break from me. Maybe someday I'll sign up with another teacher (my college has two guitar instructors) and see how it goes. I'm glad to read about the many good teachers out there, and I hope to find one for myself someday!
  8. Everybody is giving me great advice. Thanks, people! I'll see how it goes next week. Maybe he had a bad day. It's still unprofessional, but it happens. I hope it will be better next week. I really don't want another teacher. But I have my limits!
  9. The thing is that I normally get along with him. Like I said, I understand his dedication to music and his emphasis on proper technique. I wouldn't have gotten where I am now without lessons. But he can be difficult at times. And that, I think, is unprofessional. As a teacher he should have the same standards of conduct as any other teacher. If he's having a bad day, he should leave that at home and be a professional (he teaches at colleges, after all.) I agree that the decision is mine. I'll just have to see if he gets back to his usual manner, which I can deal with.
  10. What is it about music teachers? Guitar teachers? All mine needs is monocle, a baton, and a pair of jackboots. He seems to live in the 19th century where a "maestro" can browbeat his students. "Just play the notes!" "Read the notes!" "You're busy? I don't care!" "You're going to learn these three pieces by next week!" He teaches at several colleges in the area. I normally like him for his dedication to music and his strictness about proper technique, but sometimes he just goes too far. I'm just a guy learning to play the guitar. I have a full time job and I'm not a music major.
  11. Thank you, fellow Epiphonians and Gibsonites, for your comments and advice. I think the easiest solution is to switch to another guitar for unplugged playing, and save the Dot for plugged in time.
  12. So, I like to play my Dot unplugged, but it sounds tinny and metallic. I use EB slinky 10s -- my fave strings. Would flatwounds help? And why does my Dot sound so sharp and metallic? I've played other semi hollows in the same price range, and most of them sound more mellow. Maybe it's just the particular wood in this one. I'd like to keep it, but I want it to sound better. What else could cause it? the other strings I've tried are Dunlop 10s, but I don't like how they feel. Plugged in the Dot sounds good, by the way.
  13. yes, why no epiphone archtop acoustics? It seems like a real gap in the Epi line.
  14. Milod, thanks for the info on the strings. I'd like to play an acoustic. Didn't know there were 9s for AEs. Don't know much about acoustics! Do they have truss rods that adjust? Can the bridge be altered? I suppose it depends on the make and model. Well, it does give me another guitar to research, and that's always fun! I play with a pick, by the way. Basic blues.
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