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    I have seen a Barney Kessel and it was not that. It may be I'm not remembering it correctly. Was there a model that was slightly thicker than the 335 or was their just the two body depths? It definitly was the same shape as the150 dc photo you posted. Thanks
  2. h**ley

    ID guitar

    I thought it had dots for markers but it was a long time ago.
  3. h**ley

    ID guitar

    Back in the early seventies I had a Gibson blond double cutaway hollowbody electric. It was a few years old at the time so it would have been a late sixties-early seventies model. I remember it being deeper than my friends es 125 and another friends what I think was a es 335. I thought it might have been a es 150 dc but looking at pictures I don't think it was 3" deep as the specs say. Any ideas as to which model this might have been? It might help to know it had dot position markers and dual humbuckers.
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