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  1. Well, my style tends more towards blues and jazz so my setup is with a Boss OD-20 for the more serious fuzz tones and then I predominantly use the reverb in my Fender Super (have always likes Fender reverb units). Don't get much into the chorus, flanger, etc. yet, but I'm kind of a purist. :-) Oh, and I play both my Epi Sheraton and my Strat through it. UX
  2. Well, first off, if you like fatter necks, I'd take a look at a Dot. They have a larger neck rather than the thinner jazz-style neck. I haven't played a Sherry that is as fat as a Dot, but maybe the newer ones are. I'm looking to buy an older one, so I haven't been looking at the new stuff.
  3. Oops, I totally missed that we had switched to solid-state amps, so 120 watts isn't so bad. I use a Fender Stage 160 for my keyboard and it definitely doesn't have the raw push that my Super has.
  4. Does that include the G-B-E's? or just the Samick's? Because I definitely want to throw a Bigsby on. Edit: wrong side of my brain turned on E-B-G's...
  5. Yeah, 120 watts, wow... my Fender Super only pushes out 60 watts and if I dime the bass and mid and set the treble on 8, it'll peel your skin off. I've played through a Marshall Bluesbreaker (fantastic amp) and a Mesa Mark IV, but I wouldn't trade away my Fender for cleans and smooth creamy tones for anything. :-)
  6. So, from what I'm hearing from everyone is that, short of the newer Chinese-built ones, the Sheratons from '86 on are great in build, fit, and finish? It also seems that I'll want to change the hardware pretty quickly though. Thanks all for helping out. UX
  7. Any other input out there? Thanks to those who have helped out so far.
  8. A little snobbery is not so bad, but I play an Epi Sheraton *blushes* through my Fender Super and the sparkling cleans, and I mean beautiful sparkling clean and the Fender reverb really are perfectly suited for that guitar. As I mentioned before, the amp size really adds a nice woody, mellow tone for me (mostly neck pickup rolled off to between 5-7). And if we're talking about Gibson's through Fender amps, The Kings, (B.B. & Freddie) both played through Fenders (Super Reverbs and Twin Reverb, I think). Again, just my $0.02.
  9. Definitely good to know, especially since I was really looking at putting a Bigsby B70 with a roller bridge on instead. I'll keep my eye on that issue. http://www.stewmac.com/shopby/product/4929
  10. So, I'm sure that this has been hashed and re-hashed a dozen times already, but I gotta ask again... What kind of difference are we looking at, structurally, sound-wise, fit & form, etc. between the Korean Sheratons and the Japanese Sheratons. Also, do the years that they were produced affect quality? I realize that the Samick plant in South Korea has reduced production to focus on greater quality in the last couple of years, but should I lay down the extra cash to get a pre-1988 Sheraton (aka with the headstock that says Epiphone by Gibson) http://www.robwesley.com/guitars/listi
  11. I have to say, that with size comes tone it seems with tube amps. I play through a Fender Super amp, and I can get so much more warmth out of it than I can out of a single 12" like the Deluxe. I didn't notice how much portability was an issue (mine weighs in at around 60 lbs.) Just my $0.02.
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