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  1. I dont know I reckon a cream PG with the black switch and knobs would look pretty good, certainly better then with a black pickguard.
  2. I think the cream one on that Studio looks nice, the black does not look that good however. Should have got a cream one.
  3. I never even considered returning it, I just wanted to see if anyone else had ever recieved a Gibson guitar with minor blemishes. I know some places sell returned guitars with minor scratches or dents for a reduced price and I guess mine would fall into that category if I returned it. The way I see it is that it does not affect the tone of the guitar, its minor, the paint is not affected, it would cost me quite a bit to return it and some people pay thousands for used guitars in far worse condition. EDIT: and mine does not have any fret buzzing
  4. Wow thats a lot of money, are you some kinda guitar hero or are you just enormously weathly
  5. Its not really worth the money it will cost me to return it and wait for another one which might be dented elsewhere or worse. I suppose its a bit like getting a computer screen with a bad pixel, its a minor imperfection that the manufacturer does not consider a fault.
  6. It was an internet purchase so exchange is not really an option, I guess minor imperfections like that are not uncommon with a brand new guitar?
  7. Its shown here http://yfrog.com/j9dsc00115ghj very minor but its there all the same
  8. Is it not uncommon to find minor imperfections to the finish of a brand new guitar? I am sure I did not make the dent myself and it is small and only noticeable if you go looking for it. Its on the left hand edge a little indentation.
  9. I tuned to a reference tone on the internet it sounded ok but those chords def sound better now...
  10. Just got my Korg GA-1 Tuner when I tune my Les Paul the needle sort of hovers around the 12 o clock position it often does not totally stay in the green position the red light either side comes on and it hovers slightly either way, is this normal of is it supposed to stay green. EDIT: The green light is on but the red lights also come on either side, I am to RTFM! EDIT: I guess it cannot always be 100% perfect but my guitar def sounds better now.
  11. Thanks for the info I will start doing that, btw which tubes does it need for replacement can you give me a part number or name.
  12. Thanks for the info I will start doing that, btw which tubes it need for replacement can you give me a part number or name.
  13. Bueaty isnt she Photo of my 2009 Les Paul Studio Made November 11th 2009 purchased 8th Feb 2010 from dv246.com
  14. Things are different this time, last time other things were taking off that distracted me such as the Internet and Internet gaming nowadays its so much easier to find out about things from other people on the Internet, just reading forums like this will keep me interested. EDIT: Just remembered it used to have a tremolo arm as well and that is missing also.
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