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  1. Hi

    I am looking for a gentle and SEXy man

    My profile is here https://sex-gibson.tumblr.com

    Kisses Tlsmith

  2. I have a 2016 model les paul that is in swamp ash. Heavy as a cross tie but I like its sounds. Installed a Bigsby B7 which adds to the weight. Great sounding guitar.
  3. I have a 2016 model les paul that is in swamp ash. Heavy as a cross tie but I like its sounds. Installed a Bigsby B7 which adds to the weight. Great sounding guitar.
  4. I recently bought a 2016 Swamp Ash les paul from American musical Supply and really like it. have not owned a Gibson for 40 years (sold my 65 SG in 1981 and bought a Takamine EF 360S which I still own). This is a very heavy Gibson and with a Bigsby is like throwing a cross tie over my shoulder but it really sounds and plays well.
  5. I recently purchased a 2016 Gibson les paul swamp ash guitar which I dearly love. I installed a Bixby B7 vibrato. My question is, I wish to install a roller bridge to replace the existing bridge. Is there a bridge made that fits over the existing small posts without having to remove the posts? If so, what company makes them.
  6. tlsmith

    Ed Roman

    He has a very interesting diatribe about Mosrite guitars (which haven't been made in the US since I don't know when).
  7. I'm not sure I even know how to start this but here goes. Many years ago(1970) a buddy of mine in the Marines took my Melody maker (1964 or 1964) out of my wall locker and headed home to Arkansas with it. I have been trying to track this down for 40 years as it was a gift from my late father who bought if for me when I was 15 years old. I'm now 62. The buddy that left with it said he was coming to Indiana but he never did. I hold no animosity toward the guy I jsut want my guitar back. If anybody out there knows D.J. Gates in Arkansas tell him I want my axe back. I'm sure this will do no good but I have to give it one last try.
  8. tlsmith

    My New Project

    You could get a bottle of Birchwood Casey Ture Oil and rub a really great finish on that git. I did that with an Epiphone studio I bought off e-bay for $70.00. I took my time and refinished it and it looks really good. Sure there are some mistakes but that true oil really brings out the color and shine of the wood and is a very hard finish. Just a thought.
  9. I owned a 70's Gibson (junk) and a 1972 Martin D-28 (also Junk) I bought a 1981 Takamine EF360 s and it continues to blow Gibson and Martin out of the water in both sound (loud) and looks. Go figure. tlsmith
  10. Izzy Ther is NEVER,NEVER,NEVER,NEVER, by the way did I say NEVER any reason for a man to abuse his woman in any way. Even though he said he was sorry it showed that there is potential for something far more serious and you should get out NOW. My wife's aunt went through this abuse thing thirty years until her husband (who had appologized hundreds of times and she always took him back) shot her while she was brushing her teeth. There is sometimes no redemption and you must get out and do not look back. Sorry for the graphics but experience is a great teacher.
  11. your point is well taken. i guess there are exceptions to every rule. tlsmith
  12. I have bought three guitar from MF and I'm here to tell you I had absolutely no problems in the deal. One way of looking at it is that if this Company continually screws up and send out bad equipment the word gets out pretty quickly and they are no longer in business. So it is their best interest to try to do it right. Sure, there are occasions where something goes wrong, just as there are in big box stores, but by and large the problems are minimal. At least that is my experience. tlsmith gear: Takamine EF360S (1981 lawsuit model) 1998 Epiphone Les Paul Standard 2001 Hohner HS 35
  13. I just want my Gibson Melody Maker that my parents bought for me in 1963. I t was stolen from me at Camp Lejeune N.C. in 1970. I have never gotten over that loss. [angry] tlsmith[
  14. Instumentals are music to me. Vocals I can take or leave. When I think of Instrumentals one word comes to mind "CHET".
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