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  1. In the new 2019 Gibson guitar Collections, I was hoping for a LP or SG guitar with 57 Classic pickups.
  2. In 2008 Gibson was selling R8 Les Pauls. I bought one new at that time. There was no marketing about a 50th Anniversary guitar as far as I know. It seems to be just a timing coincidence about any Anniversary,a 50 year span from the year 1958. The murphy-aged finish editions might of been labeled anniversary guitars, from a picture on eBay. My R8 Les Paul came with a COA, a black wallet like "Certificate of Authenticity". Do you have this? The serial number on my guitar is a 6 digit number, with no spaces. Your serial number is only 5 digits has a space after the initial 8. Who knows what Gibson does with serial numbers? Looking at some R8's pictures on eBay show a 5 digit serial number like yours, so my guitar seems to be an oddball. My R8 guitar was a VOS issue, this gave the guitar a slight worn look. It did not have any rusted parts. Your guitar has some rusted parts,what happened? Remove the rear panel control panel, I believe the R8 LP came with large look alike bumble-bee caps which are big black caps. The necks are also beefy,big. I really don't know what your guitar is.
  3. jmm555

    show your sg

    2017 SG Faded HP I really went full circle on this purchase. I was convinced I wanted the new 2017 SG T cherry burst. When I finally found one in guitar center I felt the neck binding edges were rounded a bit. Maybe it was not the greatest example. So I went back to my original guitar that I liked, SG Faded in brown. I keep looking at the specs and it seems like the HP is a better guitar. From pictures on the internet it looked like Gibson spent a little more time on the fret edges, being finished a bit more than the Std Faded. The 490 pups are fine with me. Didn’t know what to think about GForce. I set the accuracy setting to max. It can really tune a guitar! Every doublestop (two notes played at the same time) and chord sounds great. I’m grateful for the factory set-up, every note sounds good. It’s a sweet guitar, Gibson HP. I'm having problems with the pictures.
  4. There was some Gibson article about how they wound pickups, scatter wound vs not, whatever. At the end the article, to some effect, stating that the field was stronger on the non-screw side, (not sure that makes any sense, i'm not a Physicist). Seems like the row of magnets, the row of screws, and the strings are relatively level. Need some real fact checking science in that, does it matter if this magnetic-field slants, which is curved itself. You got to try and test yourself. Can you move the pup with your finger as you play a chord. Does it sound different. Could be, I suppose depending on the pickup. It looks better when their level.
  5. I happened to prefer heavy guitars. I just think they feel more solid, a little weight to them. Sure a light guitar feels great, easy to move around with. Each guitar seems to have its own tones. This is what I got from an internet forum: Lighter = more bass, less sustain. Heavier = more sustain, more mids/highs.
  6. Be sure you like the 50's neck. They are thicker than a slim 60's type. I don't think the finish is "durable" in the respect that if you nick it, it won't show. But I'd think its fine if you take reasonable care of the guitar. I think the Faded finish is like my BFG, not much finish at all.
  7. Kuma, I really hope they don't drop the sub $1000 guitars. I hear ya, buy one now. I'm waiting for the real Namm 2015 news. I haven't been able to find much info about next years products, as some people seem to know about.
  8. Gibson can make a good guitar, I skipped buying this year. I'm looking forward to the 2015 yr models. Hopefully they will still offer a LPJ model. I agree with charlie brown 29%? That's absurd, ridiculous, Let the retail price be - and keep the out the door, real price low. A business should consider the customer, Looking forward to all the new 2015's Les Pauls.
  9. I'm perfectly happy with Gibson parts. I don't consider them sub-par. Maybe my guitar playing is sub-par. I'd personally spend the money towards a new amp or a cool effects pedal. - But that's just me, upgrade (change) anything you want. Email that company (customer service), They’ll figure out something to sell you.
  10. repeat post,,,deleted http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/gibson-les-paul-classic-custom-2-electric-guitar
  11. jmm555

    2007 goddess

    I think the value should be less than the original Gibson new cost. It's a used guitar no matter what condition. I remember the cost somewhere about the same as a Les Paul Studio, +/-. Perhaps someone on eBay is getting over, asking a fortune for one. I am by no means someone who can place a value on a used guitar. I like to buy new ones, which are pricey enough for me. Why buy a used one for more than it cost new? Sure, I like it. Wish I bought one at the time they were in production. Problem is there are tons of new guitars to choose from, so why bid up an old one? I thought the lingerie company behind it was a cool thing, supposed to be a woman's guitar. There's just lots of competition. New Les Pauls will be out next year to buy.
  12. Thanks for the picture. As they say pictures show a lot. I'm a fan of Gibsons. I just think they can make a good guitar. It's always interesting to me when people claim about a cap change making lots of difference, the orange drop thing, I don't really know. Epiphone makes guitars I like too,nothing against them, I'd just rather own a Gibson. The body difference is real alright. I personally wouldn't think too much of. You think it effects the tone? Maybe it's some crazy way Gibson is cutting costs. I thought some Gibson SG's are pretty thin body too.
  13. Yes charlie, that would be another one to buy, a kind of an original style 2 mini-pup style Riviera. Anyway thanks charlie and clark. I'm not that aware of all the Epiphone model history. Just saw a clip of Robben Ford playing a Riviera on the internet. Not that I'm a fan of Robben Ford, the guy does know some music, but I liked his guitar, looked like an older Epip Riviera, minus the pick-guard. Lots of people have Casinos. Just thought the Riviera model would be a little different. And clark mentioned the Limited Edition Riviera does have better electronics, mmm interesting.
  14. What's the story on the Epiphone Riviera guitar? Are they still in production, or just the Limited Edition is -with the 3-P90's. Is it a step above the Casino's? Is it also a true hollow-body?
  15. I'd keep it. Buy a small tube guitar amp and take up guitar as a hobby. The value of something passed down from your family seems different than just money. Sure it's worth something, and you probably can always get money for it, but that's just money. I'd be sorry to see it walk out the door in someone else's hands. It's a gift from your Father, those things you can't replace.
  16. I'd agree with Gary Moore T, go for the neck shape you want. I always tend to favor the latest thing and the 59T pups sound interesting. I personally don't value the flame craze as others do, so the "Plus" thing is no big deal to me. I wouldn't even worry about the weight-relief thing, it's a Gibson Les Paul, that carries enough clout in my life, imo. Only you have to decide on the features you really, it's your money. Get the guitar you want. I could see myself buying another Les Paul just to have different features than ones I have, I just like guitars.
  17. jmm555

    LPJ Club

    I'd love to get one on sale. I agree with charlie brown, the bare bones appeal. I'd like a rubbed finish brown one. I think I'd enjoy these as much has a highly finished model. It just seems like a solid guitar to me. The 50's profile is ok and also would like a 60's neck, but not available.
  18. I'd vote for the Gibson Faded SG, and I'm not even a big fan of SG's. I think it has the 50's neck profile. I've played a walnut one at the music store, fun to play. I think the Gibson Humbucker might sound better. My issue is - People want too much money for used guitars. The Faded SG can do without a case, its not a fancy finish. I'd pay much less for it without the case. If I couldn't get a used guitar down in price, I'd be tempted towards a new one.
  19. Beautiful guitar. Fantastic purchase. How much does it weight? What I can't figure out is --? How come all the other ones you looked at were no good? Other people may be buying the other ones. They can't all be rejects.
  20. Please review your product warranty, And claim a defective product. Imo, Shouldn't all honest, upright, mfg's that stand behind products with warranties, honor their own stated warranty. The case is clearly defective. It's just like returning anything from any store, you get your money back or product exchange. And be sure to tell them your not happy. and imply it's their job to make you happy. Go ahead do it, be happy in life. Go get what you paid for. Gibson wants to make you happy. Yeah listen to rct.
  21. Gibson's description of the Slash-Guitar with case doesn't sound like much. Just a black Gibson USA case with the Slash-logo on it. Considering the warranty on the product, I'd still hit up Gibson Customer Service. Call and claim a defective case, say the latch broke and you need the case replaced. Supply the Slash Guitar purchase receipt and Serial Number info, get a RMA, return material authorization number. And also state the missing Logo issue - Clearly marked on the case, when you send it back in the box --- MISSING LOGO! with picture of the guitar, S/N, and a copy of the product specs. Box up the case and ship it out to Gibson. Put it on in their desk. Tell them your not happy. Only accept the correct case on return.
  22. Good choice, I was going to vote for a Gibson LP. I think all USA Gibson's might be pleked now which means the frets are better, set-up wise. Better Pups too. Not knocking the Epiphones. Problem seems like lots of Gibson's low end models are all 50's necks, if that works for you. The Epiphone ES-series are Great deals compared to Gibson ES-series, very costly.
  23. Skyline, Happy Birthday, Now down to business, Question: If you had to choose, which guitar do you like better? BB-King Lucille or the Sheraton Just in case I'm in the market to buy one, Either one might be a good choice. By the way, I'm impressed with all your music and web site, wow, fantastic!
  24. People find tone in strange places. Maybe it does play differently or whatever. Perhaps it was a new set of strings that did it. I'd use the tailpiece that looks the best, being proportional to the guitar. If it works, go for it. If I was in search for a better tone, I'd think about upgrading my amp or using another guitar, but that’s just me.
  25. ES-333 TD Review, I like it. The white neck edge binding, The clear wood on the back of the neck, smooth, silky feeling. The Gibson Dirty-Fingers pickup is not distorted as it sounds. You can get clean, clear, loud tones, with big low end, and high tones to the pup. The volume control almost acts as a tone control on cleaner tones; by rolling it down, it rolls off the highs. That Gibson pickup makes the guitar. Also I've been using the amp as the tone control, Peavey VIPII I think it's an alternative to someone looking at an Epiphone Dot.
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