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  1. That 356 is something else 😍
  2. Thanks all for replies, the guitar is outstanding and very happy with it, wouldn’t have mattered either way, but my curiosity to why it wasn’t there got the better of me 😂. 🤙
  3. Hi all, just bought a used Gibson 336. Lovely guitar, came with all case candy and coa. I notice there is no label inside the f-hole.so I questioned it and I emailed Gibson and they confirmed what the guitar is etc but did say the guitar would have come with the sticker label inside. I’m now looking at other pics online of 336s and they don’t appear to have one either? Any owners here that can confirm if they do or don’t?
  4. Hi, I just bought a Gibson 335 used. When I checked the serial number it's a 2004 Nashville. The guitar case says Gibson Memphis..I take the case isn't original?
  5. hi all, i recently bought a Gibson Limited Edition 1960 ES-335 Block Reissue VOS Antique Faded Cherry .Mine seems to be identical spec to a 1963 block reissue appart from where it was made (memphis over nashville) and serial number at rear with a "custom shop" logo at rear also where the 63 doesnt.It seems to be a reissue of a reissue? anyone know when these were made and how limited were/are they? my serial number is cs154531...ive tried googling it but i cant seem to compare any, the NORMAL? 1960 reissue has nickel hardware,burstbucker pro pups etc but mine doesnt.Its the same spec as the 63 appart from what ive mentioned.Any info much appreciated..thanks my spec.. Plain maple top, back, and rims Lightweight maple centerblock Single-ply cream binding on top and back Holly head veneer 5-ply '63-style short pickguard ABR-1 bridge & lightwieght aluminum tailpiece Nickel hardware 1-piece mahogany neck 1963 slim taper neck profile 24 3/4" scale length, 1 11/16" nut width 22 fret rosewood fingerboard Pearloid small block inlays with single-ply cream binding Vintage double ring tulip tuners '57 Classic pickups Bumblebee capacitors & CTS pots 2 volume, 2 tone, 3-way selector switch Brite Wire .010 strings Faded Cherry V.O.S. finish
  6. ah thats great, much appreciated, i just got thrown by the headstock and no serial number, so was a little hesitant....thanks both very much.
  7. sure no problem, any idea about the age and model? thanks jas
  8. hi all, i have been offered to buy an epiphone from a friend of a friend, anyhow before i buy i just want to know what and where it came from, fake? i dont know. It does not have a serial number anywhere, the headstock is massive compared to other epiphones ive seen and googled, on the first and 19th inlay there wonky. can someone please shed some light on this please...thanks jas
  9. it sounds like to me the nut slot on the g-string has been cut to deep or the saddle....simple fix for most guitar techs.....anyhow, check out my video on how to solve the problem on youtube, its a 4 part series, so watch it all, i give my les paul a full setup inc.fret dress,saddle,nut etc etc...it will help you with whats going on if nothing else........ not sure if your aloud to post links here so just search "moesbarr" on youtube and ull find me.......jay
  10. hi all, i think im going to buy a gibson 339 guitar *used*, but the owner has miss placed the certificate of authenticity as its a custom shop model.....if one day i was to sell the guitar, will this effect the re-sale value to an extent of serious money? thanks
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