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  1. those pickups are vintage on a new guitar, I don't have the guitar yet but was looking to buy it, that's why I wanted to know for sure what it is, the seller states it's a 1996 custom shop historic with original 70's pickups.
  2. Can anyone please confirm what year this guitar his and which category it belongs to? Gibson Les Paul thanks J.
  3. Hi folks I've got my eyes set on this guitar: Serial number is 00561335 From what I've understood it's a Junior Special Plus from 2001 and most likely has the nitro clearcoat and the 490+498 pickups, is this correct? Was this model released only for 2 years? Any further information would be much appreciated. thanks J.
  4. Yes I knew that, but what's the difference between the 17° of the Angus Young signature and the normal SG standard or 61 RI? thanks J.
  5. I've had various Epiphones, including one of the rare Peeless made Casino's from the mid 90's. I've had both korean made and chinese made SG 400 Standards, and I've had the chance to try a korean made SG 400 Custom and I certainly like the standard version better. I've had a good glance around and it seems that the Angus Young signature has slimmer neck profile taking after the late 60's models, what I don't understand is the fact that it has a 17° headstock angle, what does that mean? thanks J.
  6. Just to make a long topic short, I am personally in love with firebirds and les pauls, but my poor old back prefers SG's. I've heard that in the SG range, the 61 Reissue has the thinnest neck, is this true? If not which SG model does? I know that late 60's SG Customs were the thinnest of all the SG models, I used to have one years ago which I was forced to sell off, and now I'm looking for something similar in neck comfort. thanks J.
  7. Thanks for your reply, so they have changed a few specs but the model number remains the same? Grover tuners and binding on the fretboard are on todays model, whereas kluson tuners and no fretboard binding are on the guitar I was offered. thanks J.
  8. Thanks for your reply and information Tom, I wonder why this model isn't on the Gibson site anymore? Have they stopped making them? From what I've gathered this series is made at the Memphis plant, right? J.
  9. Hi folks I'm not sure if I'm in the right section here but I'll give it a go. I've been offered a 2010 ES335 Dot in satin black with the seller declares being a Custom Shop made guitar. I haven't been able to find it on the gibson site so I thought I my try here and see if anyone can tell me more about this model. The model number is ESDSTBKCH1. thanks for any help at all J.
  10. I must add my 2 cents here, I've had a fair bunch of guitars in my 20 or so years of playing, ranging from 50's,60's, 70's and modern Gretsches, 60's and modern Gibsons, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and modern Fenders, 90's and modern epiphones. The differences I've found between old real wood guitars and modern plastic ones are gigantic and I'd need 5 pages to get into detail so I'll stick to the Epiphones I've had. My first epiphone was a 96 SG G-400 which I upgraded the bridge pickup to a seymour duncan.... fantastic guitar and I do miss her, for raunchy rock'n'roll and punk I prefered my epi SG
  11. Isn't the tailpiece the wrong way around? And shouldn't the PUP's be mini buckers?
  12. Hi to all, I've been searching on the bay for a BB pro for the bridge position and I'm sort of confused, there seem to be many variations of what seems to be the same pickup... Lead Pro, Alnico V #2, Alnico V #B, 59 lead etc.... Can anyone share some light as to what the sticker on the rear of the pickup should say? Also I'm thinking of fitting in a classic 57 in the neck position.... has anyone tried the BB pro(bridge) + 57 classic(neck) setup on a les paul? thanks
  13. can anyone enlighten me as to what the differences are between these different pickups? thanks
  14. 2 more questions, do I need long or short shaft pots? also what size trussrod wrench do I need? thanks
  15. well the reason why I was thinking fo changing the pickups is that they seem to get very muddy and aren't clear at all, plus a lot of feedback and notes that jump out everywhere even when not playing. I've been playing for more than 20 years now, so I've had my fair share of guitars amps and effects, and playing this guitar struck me because it actually feels like old wood. Other than the tone problems, I also noticed that the hi E , B and G strings seem to be quite "dead" no matter how I set up the bridge and stopbar. I doubt this has to do with the electronics, though I am also willing to c
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