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  1. https://imgur.com/4HNxm4e https://imgur.com/X8BLRoQ https://imgur.com/aSUPFcO Here's the new photo's. Although it's in a different room and under different lighting conditions you should be able to tell the difference from the original photos, especially if you enlarge the images. I also decided to polish the sides while I was at it, but I'm definitely stopping there. Not going to touch the top at all.
  2. If I could delete my original post above I would. After polishing the back of the guitar to get the gloss finish, the more I looked at it the more I disliked it. Because of the flattening agents used in the original matte finish it had an orange peel effect which can be seen it the photos. In the end I sanded down the back of the guitar and applied 6 very thin coats of a "wipe on" type high gloss polyurethane then polished it further with a random orbital detailer. In the end I did achieve the look I was after but it was a lot of work. Although it was a good learning experience, and I didn't ruin the guitar, I don't encourage anyone to try it. Knowing what I know now I would have left it alone.
  3. https://imgur.com/LF3qVFx https://imgur.com/Ki2s4FY https://imgur.com/TmzhnWO Okay, here's my second attempt at this. I'm not sure how to post pictures but if you follow the links above hopefully you'll see them. I've had an EF-500RCCE for a few years but I didn't really care for the satin finish on it, although I've grown accustomed to it. I would rather have bought a gloss finish but it's not offered. I wanted to try polishing the finish to see if I could get a glossy look to it. After researching numerous internet posts and YouTube video's I decided to give it a try. People have mentioned having good results using Meguires Scratch Remover. One video on YouTube showed a guy using Turtle Wax Rubbing Compound. Personally I would advise against the rubbing compound as I think is too aggressive of a compound. I used "Griots Garage Machine Polish #3 & #4, followed by Virtuoso Instrument Polish. (They're shown in one of the photos) Even though it's called "Machine Polish" is can be used by hand, It's actually car polish that can be applied by a detail buffer. I used this over the Mequires because I happened to already have it. I used it for polishing fine scratches and swirl marks out of a brand new car so I was sure it was gentle enough for my guitar. I finished with the Virtuoso Polish because that's the brand I use on all my instruments, but any other brand would work too. So far I've only done the back of the guitar and I may stop there. The back of the neck had already become glossy from playing it so that's why I decided to do the back first. Because the neck, back, and pickguard are all glossy it adds a nice contrast to the rest of the guitar. Polishing the back really brought out the beautiful wood grain of the rosewood, which really looked dull and unattractive with the satin finish. I have to admit I was very hesitant to do this as I was afraid I might ruin the finish. If you're inclined to attempt this for yourself just take you're time, go slow, don't rush it. I used a microfiber cloth to apply the #3 and #4 polish and a very fine polishing cloth for the final polish. It only took about 2 1/2 hours to achieve the results. Make sure you want to do it before you start because there's no going back once you've committed to it. I had mixed feeling about it even as I was doing it but after it was finished I was happy with the results. No regrets. I may decide to do the sides and the top in the future but I don't want to rush into it just yet, I kind of like the way it looks now. Feel free to ask any questions you might have.------Bob
  4. I'm new to this forum and was trying to add a post about how I polished my satin finish to a gloss finish. I tried to attach a photo but wasn't allowed to because the file was too big. It was only one photo from an IPhone. Am I doing something wrong?
  5. Thanks for the info but it looks like someone else will be the proud owner of it. After the Gibson dealer in Boston blew me off by not getting back to me with a price quote I set my sights on a "Strat". At the time I really wanted the 335 but since I already have 2 Gibsons I'm satisfied with just owning the two. Also, it's nice to have another brand to play around with, totally different than the Gibsons but in a god way.----Bob
  6. $2,299, now you've got my interest again. Most of the Gibson dealers in my area Massachusetts / Connecticut have stopped selling them due to Gibsons policies for the sellers. The closest place I can even try them out is at a GC which is basically the same price as Musicians Friend. However, I just made a call to a dealer in the Boston area and quoted your price of $2299. He's making a call to Gibson to see what the numbers will look like. I really envy people who live in other parts of the country where guitars are readily available, it seems to be lacking in the Northeast. Ironically, I bought my Supreme from MF but at the time Gibson didn't forbid their retailers to list competitive pricing on their websites and I located one for less, called MF and they beat the competitors price. Granted, I took a long shot buying a guitar I'd never even seen or played but I give them credit for their 45 day return policy which gave me a cushion in case I didn't like it. I'll post the quoted price for the 335 when I find out.------Bob
  7. That's exactly where I'm at right now, in the "thinking about it" phase. I think I want the 335 more because of its color than for the guitar itself. In a way I'm glad they're not readily available because I may have made an impulsive decision, and at 3k+ I can't afford to act on impulse. I wasn't even planning on buying at this time but when I saw the blue it just gave me the itch to get one. I've also looked at the other colors but if I bought one I'd always be kicking myself for not waiting. It seems like if you wait long enough Gibson brings colors back again as they did in the case of my Desertburst Supreme. Resale value isn't a concern for me as I wouldn't resell it anyway. When I spend that much to buy a guitar I'm keeping it. But, on that note, It would seem that the Beale St. blue would hold it's value simply because of supply and demand. It's easy to find a pre-owned vintage sunburst but blue ones just aren't out there right now. The ES-137 has been available in blueburst for a long time so I don't buy the reasoning that blue isn't a popular color or they would hav discontinued it on the 137. I already have a Supreme and a double cut standard so I really don't need the 335. But of course not needing one has never stopped me before. When I bought the Supreme I told the wife it would be that last guitar I ever bought, then I bought the double cut, lol. I know I shouldn't be saying this here but I'd like to pick up a Strat. Shhhh!. I know its not a 335 but at half the price I can almost justify it to the wife. I'm totally with you on your point about being "rich enough". My Supreme cost me $2600 (new) in 2004 and the double cut standard was $1100. Not exactly spare change for the Supreme. Now you're lucky to get one on ebay (used) for that price. Glad I bought when I did because I wouldn't pay for what a new one costs now and I wouldn't buy a used one on ebay. ----Bob
  8. What a difference a few days makes. When I wrote my original post the Supreme was only available in cherry sunburst. Today I look on the site and there it is, also available in Desertburst again! Correct me if I'm wrong but I assume it was originally discontinued because it wasn't a popular color. Hmmm, makes me think that if it's added as an option again this year the color must be pretty popular. I'm bias but the Desertburst IS the nicest color on the Supreme. I'm sure this was months in the planning but I'd like to think my post had something to do with it. (I know it didn't of course) But, if I was right about the Desertburst finish being popular maybe you guys could see what you can do about getting that Beale St. blue back on the 335's for a limited time. I know at least one guy that'll buy one. -----Bob
  9. I've only recently started thinking about buying an es-335 and of course it looks like I missed the boat on finding one in Beale St. blue. I saw one on Ebay that really got my attention and it was listed as a 2011 with a "buy it now" price of $2750. The seller seemed legit and the serial number verified the manufacture date of Jan. 15th. 2011. I hadn't done enough research to know if this was a good deal or not so I just sat back and watched to see what happened with the auction. After 3 or 4 days it ended abruptly but didn't say if it sold or not. Internet searches for this guitar indicate it isn't currently avaliable in this color so now to my question? Is it possible that Gibson is producing a limited amount of this color for 2011 but hasn't released too many yet? I'm just looking for anyones input or opinions as sometimes I can't figure out what Gibson is thinking. It seems when they have popular colors they discontinue them for whatever reason only to offer colors that aren't too appealing. For example, I know when I bought my Les Paul Supreme in 2004 they had several colors to choose from but now only offer it in the cherry sunburst, which is fine if you happen to want cherry sunburst, but if you don't want a cherry sunburst supreme there's nothing else to choose from. Does this even make sense? Seems like sales would suffer but what do I know? Actually, I do know! If the 335 was, or will be available in Beale St. blue again Gibson will make three grand off me. If not, their loss because I won't buy a guitar with a color I don't want. I'm in no hurry, I can wait to see to see what happens. Glad I bought the desert burst when I could. ---------Bob
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