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  1. Thanks Guy. It probably is my wedding ring--it's pretty beefy. Also I'm not too worried about it. I have dings and scratches all over my guitar but they aren't super noticeable. I take good care of Carolina but in 20 years I want her to look like she's been played well.
  2. Ok, so a year ago I noticed what looked like a chip in the finish on the neck of my j-45 I though originally it was because I kept my capo up by the neck in my case so I stopped doing that. This morning I noticed another similar mark on the finish on another part of my neck. Any ideas what this could be?
  3. Final Assessment, Dampits are still great humidifiers. It wasn't them. Oil from my polish leak inside the guitar as the stain is still there. Happy it wasn't water.
  4. The value should not decrease depending on the pick up you use. Drilling a hole in the heel block is not a big deal. Also provided the saddle isn't glued in an under the saddle transducer would be ideal. I would stay away from any pickup that would cause you to cut a junk out of the side of the guitar. Fishman also makes some great soundhole pickups that you can also drill through the heel block for a semi-permanent install. I agree with an earlier post that said you should stay away from anything that physically alters the look of the guitar.
  5. Check this. I just talked to Daniel Roberts, a former luthier for Gibson and showed him the picture, he thought that if it was water it should have dried by now especially with how dry the place is that I live. He asked me if I used Dr. Ducks to clean my guitar. I do indeed! I normally don't take strings off to clean my guitar but did last time. It's possible some oil spilled in the guitar when I was cleaning it. Anyway if it is oil he said there was nothing to be concerned about and that if it was water it would most likely be okay too.
  6. Here's a pic, again it's not damp to the touch. And It was never intentional for water to drip in the guitar. I'm very careful VERY CAREFUL. Ask my wife.
  7. Ok so no one is really answering. Do you think my guitar is gonna be okay?
  8. Well it's a j-45 and doesn't seem to be anything on the outside. Again it doesn't look saturated. Should I be concerned?
  9. There's no mark in the finish. It's on the inside of the guitar so it's a spot that looks wet. Checked it with my hand and couldn't tell that it was damp.
  10. I'm so pissed. I live in a dry area about 30% RH or less so I often use two dampit guitar humidifiers. When I recharge then I am sure to squeeze all excess water from them and towel them dry before putting them in my guitar. This morning I notice what looked like wet spots on the X brace near the sound hole and a very noticeable wet spot on the back of the guitar on the inside between braces. I'm pretty sure it's new but I'm not sure. Doesn't seem like any bracing has been affected. What should I do?
  11. I've had many different guitars in the decade i've been playing but I've never bothered to name one until now. I have a 2009 j-45 standard, her name is Carolina. Please share your guitars' names and a picture if you would like!! Enclosed is a picture of me playing Carolina!
  12. Update, so I slapped some Martin medium Sps on my axe and it feels better than it ever has and I love the warm sound. So far I'm not noticing the need for any adjustments yet
  13. Hey guys, I've been battling for a while. I'm thinking about changing my j-45 to medium strings but I was wondering if I needed to have any adjustments made by a luthier. I was planning on giving the neck a slight bit of relief by adjusting the truss rod. What do you all think?
  14. I played at an event for my school last night that went great. However, after the event was over the sound guy pulled a cord and knocked my J-45 off of my stand. I've had this happen before in which case my guitar's neck was broken. However, this time, there didn't seem to be anything wrong save for the guitar being out of tune. I've checked the guitar top to bottom. I've checked the angles with a straight edge and everything looks good. I'm concerned about the electronics since it was plugged in when it fell but I will find that out tonight as I am playing again. Anything else I should
  15. Actually KL I have a J-45 Standard and those are the tuners I have. I know they have the white button tuners for the TV but that's not exactly standard.
  16. I totally wouldn't detach the volume control. I've got a feedback buster that's rubber and I took a pocket knife and cut a hole where the volume knob is. It's much easier and doesn't mess with the guitar. Bonus: the soundhole plug works the same.
  17. I'm a big fan of the Baggs. They make an incredible pickup especially for the cost. The sound is very natural especially for an under the saddle pickup. It's simple, low maintenance, the battery lasts for over 200 hours of plugged in time. It's just sweet
  18. I'm currently using lights I'm my J 45 because I heard that the bracing was lighter and Mediums aren't good for this model. What do you think?
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