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  1. I think I'll try the 57 classic in the bridge. Thank you.
  2. I'm thinking of this in the bridge? http://www.fralinpickups.com/p90s.asp
  3. I cant put this thing down. This guitar is real high quality in craftsmanship and the wood is beautiful. This one is a keeper. Having Fender Single coils most my life. This Gibson with the HB's is so cool. I found out the neck is pickup is the original and love it. But the bridge is a Seymour Duncan SH-8 Invader Pickup. To hot for me. That’s why I'm here. I have a lot of thinking to do. Rite now I'm leaning towards a P-90? But still open to suggestions that I can research. Thanks for the help. Bob
  4. My first Gibson. Love it. The guy I bought it from changed the pickups and there to Hot for me. I play mostly Blues some soft rock. Clean with a little reverb. Can anyone recommend a nice Blues HB Bridge and neck? Thanks for Any help. Bob
  5. Guitar looks new. And the Serl # say it's 2007.
  6. I'm thinking of buying a Epiphone SG G-400 Tobacco Sunburst. Is this the same as the other SG 400? And what would a nice used go for? Thanks
  7. What is the best saddle to get? And the size is it? And where to buy it?
  8. What is the best saddle to get? And the size is it? And where to buy it?
  9. Well I bought it. The reviewers are rite this is a real nice guitar. Very well made and sounds good unplugged and great plugged in. Having a beer belly I want a Thiner acoustic and small amp to go out in the backyard by the campfire having a few beers and hotdogs and sing and play the night away with family and friends. Being a Finder Strat and Tele guy. The Epiphone PR5-E Acoustic-Electric is what I ended up with and love it.
  10. Hi I'm thinking of buying the Epiphone PR5-E Acoustic-Electric. I read all good reviews on it. But no guitar shop around me has one so I have to rely on reviews. At $329. It seems to good to be true? Any one hear have one that can tell me about it? Or know about this Guitar? Thanks for any INFO.
  11. I was out walking the dog and came across a guy playing a Epiphone PR5-E Acoustic-Electric Guitar "SB". And wow that guitar really sounds nice. He let me play it for a bit and i love it. And came home and looked it up. $329. That price is low for a guitar of that quality. Before I buy one. What do you guys and girls think of this guitar????
  12. Hi Thanks for replies. I forgot to add. I like the Blues/little rock powerful CLEAN sound. My main Ax is a Fender A.S. HSS. But I like to grab a few beers and the Dot and sit on the back porch and play away my Blues.
  13. I have the Dot Studio and it's a great guitar but the pickups are week. What is a good pickup for a powerful CLEAN sound?
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