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  1. Like JM2112, said about finding his CS-336 by accident. That's how I found mine. I was actually looking for a Les Paul when I stumbled across mine. I thought this can't be an ES-335; the body's too small. The Sales person told me it was a CS-336. I asked him if I could plug it in. I fell in love with it immediately. The only problem I had with mine after a while was the ABR-1 bridge rattled too much and cause some buzzing. I got a TonePro ABR-1 replacement and now she sings more beautifully.
  2. Thanks, Steve. Sounds like you did a get job of filing these frets and fret ends as you did with polishing your guitar. If she plays as good as she looks now, you've got yourself a winner. Best wishes for you.
  3. cheese345, I think you're in the right place. This is the part of the forum for Custom Shop ES and archtop guitars and I think the Dave Grohl ES-335 fits here. It looks like the real deal to me. It has the proper sticker inside the f-hole (well, the ones on this model are more like elongated diamonds), has a Gibson Custom case and a COA (Cerificate of Authenticity). I would have it checked out by an authorized Gibson Dealer or you can call Gibson themselves, describe it to them and see what they say. They could tell be the serial number when it was built, etc. I'm not sure if this was a
  4. Steve, yes you did a real nice job of bringing the luster out of a Satin finish. It looks almost like a regular finish now. Do the Satin finished ES-335's come without a bound fingerboard? As I remember I had a regular ES-335 dot and mine had a bound fingerboard. Maybe the Satin finished ones don't have that frill. BTW, how does your Satin finish handle dings. I have the regular nitro finishes on my SG-Standard and CS-336 and man, if you hit them against something it shows bad. I got one on the front of my SG from a microphone, (I had neck surgery and had to sit down while playing for a w
  5. heymisterk, thanks for sharing the link. I learned something from it, too. I had the right position and notes, but I didn't have that bent up "D" note on the 5th fret of the "A" string to give it "that sound". That link led to a whole bunch of other lessons or interviews with Joe Walsh. He is one heck of a good teacher and very enthusiastic to boot.
  6. jdgm...I got a COA (Certificate of Authenticity) with my 2008 CS-336. No label though (see my previous post).
  7. davwir, I'm not certain about the ES-175s, but I have a CS-336 (CS = Custom Shop) and it did not come with a label in it. I called up Gibson Customer Service to ask them about it and had it confirmed. (several of the guys on the forum who own CS-336s said the same thing) I gave the representative my serial number and he told me the date of manufacture, what music store it was shipped to and on what date it was sent. It all matched up and they confirmed it for me. Maybe that's all you need to do to get some satisfaction to you question. Paul (PP_CS336).
  8. If any of you have listened to 10cc, they have a ton of songs with weird lyrics. I think they just purposely went that way. Here's an example..."Life Is a Minestrone" "I'm dancin' on the White House lawn. Sippin' tea by the Taj Mahal at dawn. I'm hanging 'round the Gardens of Babylon. Minnie Mouse has got it all sewn up. She gets more fan mail than the Pope. She takes the mickey out of all my phobias. Like signing cheques to ward of double pneumonia. Life is a minestrone served up with Parmesan cheese Death is a cold lasagna suspended in deep freeze. I'm leaning on the T
  9. I'm glad to see I wasn't the only one with this problem. I have a 2011 Gibson SG Standard and experienced the same thing initially, i.e. the high E String slipping off the fret board during a pull off on the 2nd and 3rd frets. I had the original nut replaced with a bone nut (like Charlie Brown mentioned) slotted by the guitar tech at Alto's Music in Wappinger Falls, NY and that did the trick. I also notice for some strange reason the since my headstock was snapped and repaired, my SG plays better than ever. Go figure that.
  10. Dan, Hi! I know left-handed guitars are a rarity so you may have trouble finding a CS-336 on the common market. Actually, the CS in the moniker stands for Custom Shop. So in that respect these guitars are not as plentiful as those coming off the regular assembly line. If I were you, I'd call Gibson's Customer Service line and see if they can get you connected directly to the Custom Shop. Then you could talk directly to them about the specifics in the CS-336 that you personally would want and they could make it for you based on that. Or you could ask them if they have recently shipped an
  11. PP_CS336


    Congrats, on your new CS-336. I have a 2008 VS (Vintage Sunburst), like yours, only mine's a Plain-Top. As BigKahune said, it's an awesome guitar and you got your for a $teal. Hopefully it'll be one that stays in your collection for a lifetime.
  12. BigKahune is correct in this respect. I've had two beautiful Gibson guitars(ES-335 which I no longer have and an SG Standard) have their head stocks snapped. Both were knocked off of their guitar stand; the first by a wandering toddler at a church pig roast I was playing at with a Contemporary Christian band at the time, c. 1990 and the latter, more recently, by a band mate playing horn who stepped back from the mic and got his foot caught in the guitar strap (we were playing in tight quarters). Fortunately, both were repaired by good guitar luthiers and you couldn't even tell (thank God
  13. No; it's not just you CB. I have to agree with you on this.
  14. CB, I just want to say thank you so much for posting this song. I remember it from when I was younger, but just couldn't remember the name of the band that did it. I always loved this song. I just wish I could find a copy. Anyone that has the original vinyl copy is so lucky, i.e. if it's in good shape. Thanks again CB. You made my day...Paul:)
  15. Hi, Louis! CB is correct. I have a CS-336, which is a Custom Shop guitar. I've got some peeling around the Gibson MOP logo and the MOP crown in the center (MOP = Mother of Pearl). It's a drag, especially on a guitar that expensive. I don't have a digital camera, otherwise I could take a photo and show you what I mean. Good luck getting yours fixed. Paul.
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