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  1. Hey, shotdsheriff, I've owned my Bozeman Special Order J-200 Jr. for just a little over a year now, and I'm still loving it. It's such a comfortable Gibson size to play, and its J-200 features make it look very cool to my eye. As mentioned above, I had the original translucent pickguard changed for an opaque one by my Gibson dealer (Dave's Guitar Shop in La Crosse, Wisconsin). It was an undetectable repair that took them less than an hour to complete, and since then, I've had no more problems with this guitar. Again, I ordered binding for my guitar's neck and headstock, and to me, that made it look like a "scaled-down" SJ-200, which is exactly what I was going for with this special order. I also ordered an Adirondack Spruce (Picea rubens) top on it, and, for my money, the Gibsons being built today with Red Spruce tops (I have three... including an SJ-200 "True Vintage" and a "Jackson Browne Signature - Model 1") just sound incredible. Hope you get something you really love... Gibson can build you a great acoustic guitar... Best wishes, Jack6849
  2. Ben, I've been out of town for a bit and I just noticed your reopening of my J-200 Jr. thread. Ironically, I was just playing my Custom Shop J-200 Jr. and I agree with Fred about the tone of this model. The bass on mine is more than adequate and the overall tone is clear and very musical. I highly recommend the use of Adirondack Red Spruce (Picea rubens) on acoustic guitars whenever it's an available option, but I'm biased with ten acoustic guitars, nine of which, including a Gibson SJ-200 True Vintage and my J-200 Jr., have Adirondack tops. When Martin started using Adirondack on some models again, I revamped my Martin collection from top to bottom. Today six of my seven Martins have Adirondack tops, including a "just-ordered" Custom Shop D-45V that is scheduled for delivery next year. (The top on my other Martin is Carpathian Spruce...) I'm hooked on the sound of Adirondack Spruce. I guess with my playing style, it just sounds right to me. Back to the J-200 Jr. If you order one, you might consider specifying an opaque pickguard like the ones used on the current SJ-200 True Vintage Models. My J-200 Jr. came from the Custom Shop with a translucent red guard and I had to have it changed because the translucence made the pickguard's adhesive show through and I thought it was distractingly unattractive on an otherwise, totally beautiful guitar. It turns out that it was only a small problem because Gibson overnighted my dealer (Dave's Guitar Shop in La Crosse, Wisconsin) an opaque replacement guard and Dave's repair department made the undetectable switch in under an hour. Other than that one issue, my special order J-200 Jr.,with its Adirondack top is one of my very favorite acoustics to play, and like Fred, I love the size and feel of the model. Incidentally, when it comes to Custom Shop Gibsons, Fred knows of what he speaks. He has some of the nicest Gibsons I've seen. Good luck in your quest for that perfect Gibson guitar, Ben. I wish you the best. And thanks for giving me another chance to rant about Adirondack Spruce by reopening my old thread. (Hi, Fred). One other thing, Ben... On my special order J-200 Jr., I paid a little extra and had Gibson put binding on the fretboard and headstock of my guitar. It really made it look cool to me, and it looks a lot more like a "miniature SJ-200" that way. You might want to ask about specifying that option for your natural finished special order. I'm sure you're also aware that Adirondack Spruce is prone to pronounced grain patterns and mineral streaking, which are often more obvious on a "natural" top than on a "sunburst" one. I hope that trait wouldn't be of concern to you... Anyway, have fun with your special order, listen to Fred, and enjoy your new Gibson. Jack6849
  3. I, too, am interested in users' perceptions about the effects of the ToneRite on their various electric guitars, including those factors which Ken mentioned. Also, please include the ToneRite settings you've used, and which ones you consider to have worked best and been the most helpful to achieving your desired results. Thanks again, Jack6849
  4. Thanks, Ken, for an informative review. I hadn't really thought about using the ToneRite on my electric guitars, especially on solid-bodies. I'd like to read some more comments about that aspect of use, including results people might experience on Les Pauls, ES-335s and ES-355s. I have Custom Shop versions of all those models and your comments make me wonder what the ToneRite's possible effects on such Gibson electrics might be. My ToneRite is sitting in its Father's Day wrapping, awaiting its initial service. Where to begin?.... Maybe I'll start at the top with my SJ-200 True Vintage. It already sounds great. If the ToneRite can have a positive effect on that guitar's tone, it'll be worth the price of admission right there. Thanks for taking the time to write up your review including your background of experimentation in the area of tonal optimization. If you're happy with your results, then I view that as one very informed, positive vote for the potential of the ToneRite and I appreciate your reporting. Hope to read more of your results, including the settings you find most helpful on various guitars. Jack6849
  5. Fred, I just talked to Laun and he's going to check with Bozeman for me on that J-200 Jr. finish. He said that he knew who you were, and I told him that you and I both think he's a good guy. Thanks again, Jack6849
  6. Fred: I'm now planning to share these thoughts with Laun by calling him Monday morning in La Crosse and directing him to our conversation. If I know Laun, he'll do his best to see what Gibson can do for me. He always goes the "extra" mile, as does everyone at Dave's. I'll post whatever he finds out for me, and keep you informed. Thank you for your interest and your suggestions (and photos), Jack
  7. Fred, If it's okay with you, I might actually use this forum discussion with Laun Braithwaite at Dave's Guitar Shop in La Crosse, to see if he could take a look at your photos and then perhaps he might be able to get Gibson in Bozeman to use them as a reference for my J-200 Jr. special order. I really think you got that finish color right, and it's enough different from the "Vintage Sunburst" color of my 2010 SJ-200 "True Vintage" that they wouldn't quite look like identical twins. (Not that that would be bad...) Another subtle difference in my two guitars will be that while the SJ-200 "True Vintage" came with Gibson's "VOS" finish, and it does truly look like a vintage J-200, for the Junior "special order", I went with the "gloss" finish option. That order is only about two weeks old, so I hope it's not too late to ask for this variation to be applied. To say you and this forum have been helpful to me would be an understatement. Thanks for your time and I'll let you know what happens. Jack
  8. To J1854Me: Wow, again. What great pictures! A gorgeous maple "back", and if I do say so myself, one of the all-time coolest Gibson Maple necks I've ever run into. Beautiful contouring at the headstock. The pictures say "play me". I also love the center stripes. Very impressive, indeed. I'm curious about the "tweaking" of the finish color you mention. Did you have input into selecting the color? If so, how was that done? Email descriptions from you, or samples to "select" from them, or what? Your J-200 Jr. is really stunning. I hope mine's that nice. Yours really has a true "custom-built" vibe. Thanks so much for sharing. Jack6849
  9. To: J1854Me and tuneitfred Wow. So nice of you both to keep the excitement up for me on my Bozeman Custom Shop special order J-200 Jr. I ordered this one in "Vintage Sunburst", which on my 2010 SJ-200 "True Vintage" is very dark on the edges like the one it the picture of three from "the Other Fred". I think of that dark edge as being black, but perhaps it's actually a very dark brown? At any rate, I also really love the finish in the picture of the 2007 Custom Shop guitar. What is that called? I can only hope the tonewoods on mine are as beautiful as the materials used for that guitar. It was really great to see how the Adirondack Spruce looked on the smaller top, (fantastic...) and the figure in the Maple on the side of the upper bout is beyond beautiful. (How was the "back" Maple on that 2007 guitar?) You must love it. Thanks again for all the pictures. Yes, of course I looked at the Ren Ferguson-signed, "over the top" inlayed, J-200 Jr. at Dave's Guitar Shop in La Crosse. "Over the top" is right! It's actually more inlay than I would personally care to have, but, as you say, it was worth a look, and a play. Your responses and all the photos are truly appreciated. I still say the "J-200 Jr." should be a regular-production model for Gibson. Especially with their "True Vintage" specs. I know there wasn't exactly a "vintage" J-200 Jr., so maybe Gibson wouldn't want to use the "True Vintage" name for the model, but to me "True Vintage" has come to mean "top of the line" in Gibson acoustic guitars, utilizing the best materials and craftsmanship available today, while acknowledging the company's great heritage in building some of the finest acoustic instruments ever made. Thanks again, Jack6849
  10. Thanks to all who responded on my J-200 Jr. info request. Now I see why forums are fun. I will indeed let you know when my Custom Shop J-200 Jr. "True Vintage" model (that's what I like to call it, anyway....) arrives. It's also going to have a bound headstock and fretboard, unlike my first J-200 Jr., from back in 1992, and I think that will add to the vibe of it being like a small J-200. These Adirondack-topped "True Vintage" Gibson acoustics, like my 2010 SJ-200 "True Vintage" and the J-45 "True Vintage" I recently played at "Dave's" in La Crosse are really mind-blowers. Play one and you will be a believer. Thanks again for the fun, Jack6849
  11. I had a J-200 Jr., one of the first, back in 1992. Does anyone here have historical details about the model, e.g. specifications, when it was officially introduced, when and why it was discontinued, production totals? I loved mine and I just ordered a special-order J-200 Jr. from Bozeman. Its specs include an Adirondack Spruce top and a bound fretboard and headstock, which the original J-200 Jr. didn't have. I can't wait. This is a guitar model I think should be among Gibson's regular production models. I like to refer to it as my "J-200 Jr. True Vintage" model. Jack6849
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