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  1. I wish I had near as much as any of you I have one electric guitar and I play 10 to 12 hours a day. its a 1966 gibson SG. And it broke me. I had to sell a fender squire to help pay for it lol.. leaving me with one electric guitar and a small amp. man what I would do with equipment like your guys's.. I have so many ideas!
  2. well to me I can see someone easily turning that price into even more..
  3. oh cool... your talking about the holes inbetween the volume and tone knobs right? or just the ones behind the stop bar.?
  4. I would need to find out everything first.. I never jumped into gibsons until I bought this so I gotta learn em.. and so far through here I have learned A LOT! but I also like the sound and want to record a bit with it first. I might sell it to blackie down the road...
  5. I still have to pinpoint the exact year. A gibson customer service employee suggests that its a 1966 because of my serial number without the "made in usa" under it. and if my pots arent original i think itd be pointless to make it vintage? I mean Im looking at vintage 1960's gibson sg's go for 4 to 8 grand depending on quality. Saw a 1965 pots on ebay for 585.00 dollars.. and im guessing itll cost about a grand to a grand .5 to achieve full vintage. but I also need knobs, tuning pegs, probably the humbuckers, bridge and tail tremelo kit. then is the question: do i refinish it? that will definitely make it nice looking but will take away the ability to call it vintage.
  6. which reminds me.. are the pots then? I have the inscription on the tone and volume pots.. cm43056 500k 19-7930?
  7. not sure. I know the flip switch is.. the stopper might be.. the scratch plate should be.. the knobs should be.. but I have to study more and figure it out.
  8. well blackie says the bridge isnt original abr-1 .. so I wouldnt say all of it.
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