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  1. If you find the tuners you are looking for, would you be willing to sell your nickel tuners?
  2. Not a metal guitar? Just about any guitar can play metal with the right amp and right pickups. I would say the SG is no different. Try a google search on Best Metal Bands (or albums) of All Time, you will find a notable SG player on almost all the lists. Black Sabbath, AC/DC... And yes I know different people will have many different opinions on what to consider "Metal" Also the 490T in the special and the 498T in the standard can sound quite different. _________________________________________________ Anyway I was thinking about this old thread just this weekend. Earlier on I had expressed a dissatisfaction with the 490T in my 95 special. When I was playing it this weekend my bridge pickup fizzled out on me. I will probably open it up next weekend and see if anything is loose. So its possible the crackly poor distortion I was getting was not from the inherent qualities of the 490T pickup but maybe just a faulty pickup, pot, solder job etc. I'm excited to find out and maybe breathe some new life into an old friend.
  3. It's uncommon but I wouldn't go as far as to say rare. The 2006 was a Music123 exclusive. You can still buy it today from GC, MF, or M123, however they have changed the pickups to coil-split burtstbuckers.
  4. Yes, a locking bridge will solve that. Just this weekend I had a locking bridge installed on my sg special for the exact same problem. I used a TonePros intonatable style bridge. I looks a little strange, more like the 70s style harmonica bridge. But it has infinitely improved playability. If you want to keep it stock there are a couple of fixes as well. You can sacrifice your action and just raise the bridge to put that pressure back on the strings. Or you can sacrifice your vibrato and just use the bridge as a wrap-around tail. My luthier also mentioned that a neck reset will solve that problem, by putting the neck back at the correct angle in relation to the bridge and tail. Unfortunately that is also the most expensive option.
  5. Saw one last week @ GC for $1500
  6. Just a guestimate but I would expect the custom would be worth near double the standard. About $2000 for a 2000s standard, while $3600 for a 1970s custom, is the going rate in shops near me.
  7. Here is some info on the 2002 anniversary. http://www.lespaulforum.com/slubanniv/sanniver.html Unfortunately it doesn't look like yours is an anniversary model. Email customer service with pics and a serial number. They can definitely tell you which model and which pickups you have.
  8. Ok, I'm wrong on this one. I wish I had another answer. But that knob does look suspicious. It's possible that the knob is not seated down all the way on the post, and it has nothing to do with your problem. Or it could be the tone pot is damaged and is 100% of the problem. If you bought this in a store, I would take it there and have one of their tech guys look at it. Unfortunately I don't own a Trad pro, so I am not sure that this isn't a normal output for those pickups.
  9. There is your problem! You have the coil tap/split active. Meaning you are only using half of the pickup, which equates to less output. Just push that control knob down against the body, and it will put you back into humbucker mode. If you want more info on coiltap just do a search, I have seen many discussions on the topic. (Also note this coil tap is a special feature on the Trad Pro, its not on your faded studio pushing and pulling on the studios knobs will do nothing.)
  10. Looks legit. I own a studio with ebony finish and ebony fretboard which I bought new in the 90s. So I can guarantee you that combination was available.
  11. Don't change the weight of your guitar to adjust the balance. Move the tail end strap button up about 1" away from the jack. This will lower the center of gravity in relation to the strap, which will cause the body to sink while the neck will rise. Try it, it will work.
  12. +1 Also are you emailing customer service or are you messaging the forum administrators? try using this email service@gibson.com
  13. Yeah, I'm not a big fan of active pups either. But given on the number of guitars I see with EMGs in them, I assume there's a pretty big market for em. And based on experience of just just purchasing a TV at BestBuy, I couldn't even imagine trying to deal with a guitar department. But then again, I have never been to one that sells guitars, they may have some great luthiers tucked away in a back room, you never know? Nah, I like the alnico pickups, just the 490t isn't at the top of my list. Maybe the OP is interested in a swap?
  14. I'll look into that, thanks. Any suggestions on a cheap boost? MXR microamp? I may change pickups anyway just because I always thought the bridge pickup on that guitar was kinda uninspiring. But I will definitely try out a boost pedal for free at the store, before spending money on pickups. But for the time being I will most likely just stay with what I've got.
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