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  1. It's more like a smear...:- Whoops, that should have been a happy face!
  2. KL-It’s definitely not sticky; it’s more like the finish rubs away (slightly) or a haze. I tried your suggestion, and it takes a little longer for it to occur, after washing my hands just before playing. I guess I should stop eating bar-b-q ribs, just before I play (that’s a joke). From the info Soundwarrior and bkharmony posted, this sounds like a normal part of breaking-in the instrument. I just wanted to be sure; this wasn’t something that needed to be looked at. bkharmony- Appreciate the links, I actually looked through all of them. Also, I’ve got some great pictures of when I bought the guitar, I’ll try to post them later.
  3. Howdy, I’m a new owner of a J-45 Standard and have a quick question for the forum. I’m not real familiar with the Gibson products; because most of my acoustic time has been spent with Martins (I currently have a D-18). Here’s my question; it looks to me, that the neck has a nitrocellulose finish on it, is this right? Also, when I spend some time playing, after awhile, I get a buildup on the neck that looks like the nitrocellulose is smearing from my hand moments. I’ve used Luthier’s Choice to clean it up and afterwards, I’ve noticed there is some wear of the finish. Is just part of braking-in a neck on a Gibson? Does the smearing eventually go away? Anyway, what a great guitar, I absolutely, love it!
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