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  1. Once in a while I find myself questioning the judgement of our friends on Gibson's management team. Case in point: the latest feature on "Lifestyle". Specifically, "From Jimmy Page to Madonna: 5 ‘Black Beauty’ All-Stars". Great choice of "Black Beauty" players, EXCEPT . . . Madonna! What? How, by all that is holy, can Gibson seriously list Madonna as a player? Yes, she's a cultural icon; yes, she knows how to reinvent herself continuously; she even knows how to sing -- after a fashion. But she is a horrible songwriter and a total zero as a guitar player. Madonna will eventually be consigned to the dustbin of cultural history, or, at the very least, make for a slightly interesting sidebar. Ask yourself: when was the last time you found yourself saying, "Boy, that Madonna sure is a ferociously good guitarist! She really knows her way around that Gibson Black Beauty. Wish I could do what she does"? C'mon guys, get serious.
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