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  1. ive checked everywhere online no one has similar problems, and i saw that in the manual when it first happened... all my strings are trimmed and not touching other strings so idk why its flashing still
  2. haha, yea... they were only 700 at samash so i was like whatever ill get one, i enjoyed the tuning feature for a while but once i changed my strings, which i used the gibson 10's it turned to crap... prob get rid of it b/c even tho theyre supposed to be like a real sg these feel n sound like crap, just seein if i can fix the prob b4 i sell it
  3. I recently changed the strings on my gibson robot sg and now it doesn't tune... when i pull out the mck the speaking box looking one is blinking white, and when i get it into a tuning mode it detects the strings but doesnt tune them and the guitar charges fine... anyone know whats up?
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