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  1. Hunt them down and kill them.
  2. I'll see what I can do. I just want to replace it now because I've had it two days and it's driving me mental because on my older, crapper guitars it did it all the time so I wasn't exactly expecting it to happen on this.
  3. I actually give up now, it's frustrating me. I just want to replace it, as it shouldn't have these problems in the first place.
  4. Hey guys. I went back to the shop with it today and they said that it needed some tension taking off the neck and suggested some 'Nut Sauce' in the grooves of the nut too but I think I'll just use the pencil method :) There seems to be less string buzz but it's still present. I'm going to change the strings soon too.
  5. There's a slight chip on the paintwork on the back, but it's not visable while playing. It knocked the price of the guitar from £399 to £300.
  6. Thanks guys for your help. I'm going back to the shop tomorrow to see what they can suggest. How much is a set-up worth? Where can I get some nut lube? I'll try all your suggestions and if nothing works then, I'll just have to live with it and get used to it.
  7. I'm just worried because in music shops where I come from aren't that friendly and often demand that it be in pieces before they'll declare it 'broken'. I don't want them to say "Well you should have checked it before you bought it, I'm afraid there's nothing we can do".
  8. Some of the tuners take a full turn before the pitch of the string will even change. I didn't try the guitar before I bought it because I thought I could trust them. I have no idea how old it is but the serial number is "09041509936"
  9. I bought my guitar today expecting it to be playable. I got it home plugged in and tuned up but there's string buzz and it won't stay in tune at all. It's a China made Epiphone Les Paul, I have Grover tuners that seem to be really unresponsive when I turn them. What can I do to combat these problmes. I was assured in the shop that there was only asethic damage. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  10. Sorry about the post being similar to my last one. I went down to my local music shop today and I was looking at the G400 I mentioned earlier and seeing it in person really changed my mind, I'm not really keen on it but I did see out the corner of my eye a Epiphone Les Paul Plus Top in the blue colour, it looks and sounds gorgeous. I'm putting a deposit down on Wednesday for it and buying it next Monday. I don't think that I can wait a week!
  11. I'll have a look around. Is £200 a good amount to pay for a G400? The LP Standardds in my local music store are around £350.
  12. There's two problems with that; 1) The site that you linked me to is US only and I'm from the UK. 2) It say 'Limited Edition'. What if they're sold out?
  13. I need a distortion pedal and I was thinking about getting the Boss DS-1. Have any of you guys used it? I read somewhere that it's extremely overrated and sounded really bad. What are your views?
  14. I've always loved the LP for it's sheer vintage look, but I think that everyone is playing them nowadays, that's why I like the SG, it's unique and not many people I know play one
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