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  1. as long it doesnt buzz and intonates your ok for now but its getting there.
  2. you get the frets re- leveled first and crowned and when that wears out then you get new frets, dont know why there telling you to re fret?? mine wear out there too, I play alot in that area and being a weight lifter I might use more pressure also. I wish it wouldnt wear that would be nice you have to have stainless steel frets I guess. When you go buy a used guitar thats one of the first things to look out for!!
  3. I like those voxes that got me into the tube world and never went back lol
  4. awww sounds great on my Engl!! one of best sounding metal guitars there are! I would like the high end a tad brighter but oh well. This guitar resonates very well I will have to compare it will my buddies regular g 400 when he gets it. I had a Iommi 2 yrs ago but traded it for a floyed type guitar now i just bought this one used and pretty mint for 400.
  5. I thought that too when i got mine back so i went out and bought a Peterson strobe tuner which is way more accurate then the cheap tuners. I bought it used so it wasnt to bad for the price. Get a good tuner and do it your self, prob all the shops use strobe tuners.
  6. should re intonate also, Off topic my Iommi I just got isnt hitting harmonics (pintch) as good as it should. I have the pups set about right and its intonated right but the neck might have alittle too much relief, not alot of bow but it could be straighten some more a little when I check it so I wonder if that will help?
  7. I saw 2 different ones at the store saturday, one had the set neck and grovers for 325 I think and the other was 130 ruffly with a bolt on and cheap tuners. Both had one p90.
  8. I just wrote him and said, you mean 450 dollars oh yeah ok :-
  9. Can buy a real gibson for that! what an ***!
  10. Hot guitar man! try a orange drop cap on the tone pot, it woke my kramer up!!! Gibsons use them.
  11. Nice!! put some bustbuckers and some Orange drop caps in and whaala!
  12. you just cant have one huh lolllllll:-& looks awesome! you were smart to buy when you can. I did see one last year marked down to less then a grand at a music store a les paul
  13. Oh ok i didn't know that, well bring the les paul back then! lol
  14. http://www.guitarcenter.com/Epiphone-Elitist-1965-Casino-102078938-i1150024.gc?rel=email&source=4TP0EH&indiv_id=1596886
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