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  1. Thanks guys. Hey Chrisa83 - I notice you are also in the UK. Did you buy your J-45 here and, if so, whereabouts? Recommended? ------------------------------- 2004 Collings OM2H 1972 Martin D-28 2005 Martin OM-28V 2009 Epiphone EL-00 2010 Taylor Baby Mahogany
  2. Had a play of a J-45 this weekend (standard sitka over mahogany) and it felt like the easiest playing guitar I have ever held. The owner had had a set-up done but nothing else. So it was just a standard J-45 with mahogany back & sides. I have looked at the web to see the specs - and see that it is a short-scale and (ever-so-slightly) wider nut than the average Martin (but narrower than my old Taylor). Could that be why it was so lovely? And why have I turned my back on mahogany all these years? So, tell me, what is it that is so wonderful about this guitar that I cannot quite put my finger on? I'm going to have to investigate getting one. The owner told me that the 'true vintage' is even better - no stores have one near me, though. I know what the differences are in terms of specs - but has anyone ABd them? Scott
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