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    I've taken lessons for quite a while now, and when I told my instructor about getting an SG Standard, he told me quite a bit. This is all I know about sound but I guess the sound in Standards are sharper and clearer than the Specials. I actually got my SG Standard today but it is in bad condition so.... havent really tried it out that much yet :-
  2. You know what guys, I've been thinking a lot about it and I think I will bring it to Daddys and see how much they charge to make it look brand new. If it isn't TO MUCH, maybe under 200, I will do it. I really hate getting into this where I have to return it, get a new one and it also ends up sucking etc. I will keep you all updated but please keep up the postings and thanks for the great help
  3. I know its used but the only flaw they told me was the scratched pickguard.... and I don't know if I should just return it or go to a guitar shop and pay to get it repaired
  4. The worst thing was god knows what, I bought a SG from guitar center and it was in shitty condition. http://forums.gibson.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=37164
  5. Quick reply, the gooy **** is most likely a product the previous owner used to glue back in a chipped part of the guitar's neck
  6. Recently, I was working on my friends Gibson SG Standard and I was so impressed with it, I had to but my own. So I'm here looking all over the place for one, and WOOLA, I find one on guitarcenter.com for only 800.00. So I say to myself, okay, 800 vs 1,200 sounds quite good to me (it was used) so I call up the store that owns it and it turns out they don't ship store to store for free like daddys junky music does. So I am still saying to myself Okay, whatever, shipping only costs like 3 dollars so that's okay to me. Then I ask about any flaws on the model. All I am told is that there are
  7. Shutter Island. Loved the amount of Twist the movie had, good acting and was different. That movie is easily picked as one my favorite movie. Harbor Island. Just a movie I enjoyed, nothing super special Evil Dead Series. A great horror movie for the time. Made me have great laughs and I still enjoy it this very day. Hope they make the new one soon
  8. Seriously mad about Paul McCartney, he was in my area playing at a concert last year and I didn't even know.... AND HE IS ON HIS FAREWELL TOUR RIGHT NOW (supposedly its his last one) AND HE ISNT EVEN IN THIS GOD DAMN COUNTRY
  9. Yeah well, I was limited to a few poll choises so I just picked them in order from current to the least
  10. Naw man, he played in the late 60's
  11. Damnit Damnit DAMNIT! I accidentally hit the 70's...... Jimi, I have failed you
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