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  1. Hi , can anyone please help me ID a pair of Gibson " PAF " pickups . The pickups are currently installed in a 70s Gibson Custom which was owned by a pro player who upgraded / modded the instrument in the early 80s . The sticker and the patina look legitimate but I am not expert so any help in confirming their age or authenticity would be much appreciated . Is there anything I should lookout for to tell me either way . Thanks Sheldon P.S - they sound amazing
  2. Hi thanks for all informations , it is much appreciated . Would the colour of the inside of the case help to date it ? shahpur
  3. thanks for the quick response , i do not think it is an acoustic case as it is quite slim and fits an Les paul like a glove . I personally have nevers seen a gibson case with " metal binding " it is usually stiching. Everthing else looks gibson from the latches to the colour inside the case and the logo looks original.
  4. Hi can anyone please tell me if this is a genuine Gibson case , if it is from what era. The case came with an 1990 Gibson les paul standard . Thanks in advance sheldon
  5. hi thanks for the quick response , here are some more pictures
  6. Hi , this is my first post so i hope it is in the right place. i have just brought a a 1960s gibson Ebo bass guitar restoration project , the serial dates the bass to 1962 - 63 as do the other parts . It has had a neck repair in the past where the back of the neck has been painted black and the front face is blank where it looks to have been sanded for some reason . I was wondering if anyone knows what type of logo should be on the headsock - inlaid - Waterslide etc , i only ask as the face is flat with no sign of the an inlaid gibson logo but from this era i did not think they used waterslides. Here is a picture any information would be much appreciated sheldon
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