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  1. When it comes to maple necks/boards, buy them from the professionals: Fender.
  2. I first tried it using a Vox headphone amp. I thought the distortion was from the amp in that case. Then I tried it through MXL iBooster into the Mac and GarageBand and got distortion/fuzz/static from neck and mid/neck positions. So, that would be two different input cables. I'll try it through one of my regular amps this morning but I shouldn't get this buzz on the other devices. I haven't had the problem using the same cable into two different Strats and a hybrid Lead I. I think she's going back, though. Nice guitar but not worth extra time, trouble and money to fix a problem that shouldn't
  3. I bought a Level 1 (used) Bonamassa Studio the other day from MF. I played it acoustically for a couple days then finally plugged it into GarageBand and found it has a distortion/static fuzz either from a pickup or the selector switch, or maybe something else. I lowered the pickups thinking my finger style might be causing the problem but, no, this is a faulty switch or pickup. As is, the guitar is unplayable amplified. Rather than fool around with shlepping the guitar to my luther for diagnosis and paying $100 to have it fixed I'll probably send it back to MF and forget about a replacement. A
  4. Wildwood had about 30 gold 60s Studio Tributes a few days ago. $849, as I recall.
  5. I called G.C. today to check on the status of my cherryb and was told they have no idea when it will come in. But wait!! They've got one coming into the store in a few days for store stock that they will kindly exchange for the one I have on order. Pretty damn amazing. I was also told that Gibson put the G.C. Tribute orders on the backburner, whatever that means. Yeah, they're both full of it. The cherry may turn to cheese by the time I get it.
  6. I think someone on this forum swapped out the pickups for some mini hbuckers. I've got an AlleyKat with that configuration and wouldn't buy another one to get there again. I've got a black thin skin nitro 57 RI Strat that I don't really play much; for those who may want to know something about it.
  7. A fret level and dress will transform your guitar whether or not it's been factory plekked. A good luthier will ask around $200 for this job (California). I've had this done on four guitars and will probably do it on the Studio 50s Tribute I ordered if I ever get it and if I keep it. The guitar needs to settle for a while before the job is done.
  8. T-Day (Sept 30) for many of us who ordered from G.C. I had lost some interest in this guitar until I heard a sound sample of the neck pup a la Sumlin/Howlin' Wolf. It nailed the Chess 50s/60s sound. I don't quite understand why someone would buy this guitar and switch out the pickups. It's the primary reason I'm buying it. If I don't like the guitar itself I might look for the pickups and do a project guitar. And so, I expect to hear from G.C, today after an extended wait from August 30. A G.T. was bought on Ebay for nearly $1500 today so the Tribute G.T. appears to be a collectible right out
  9. A better camera would help but it's good to see the lights on a Cherry for a change. I'd almost forgotten what I'd ordered. You know, the wandering mind can find all kinds of replacements for the guitar that may never show up (September 30).
  10. Well, one expired on Ebay without being bid on. $350 start price. There's a turquoise one on Ebay that was around $150 top bid today. Two or three days left. You've got opportunities, turtle. Good luck.
  11. This is a good overview. For those of us who are waiting until the end of September or even longer for one of these Tributes this thread has been a great source of information on what to look for. This will have to be a stellar player before I start doing mods, if in fact I do actually take it home. I'm having doubts.
  12. Don't paste the image. That's your problem. You need to paste the URL of the into the post window. You get that URL from the photo host, like photobucket, etc. You can only upload 500K of images into the forum. That's why they use thumbnails and low bandwidth stuff for uploads. So, it's much better to paste the URL and get a great, large photo like most of those that have been posted.
  13. You're doing something fundamentally wrong, Sparky. You shouldn't get any message at all for pasting a link into the post window. You don't have to upload anything to the forum, just paste the IMG link from whatever photo host you're using. (I use Safari.) And, yeah, nice guitar!
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