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  1. Thanks man i really appreciate it. Ill get the 0.10s then. And considering that i bought the 0.09 strings for easier bending ill get the brand you mentioned.
  2. Hello i own an LP studio and about a week ago I decided to change my strings. They were getting quite rusty, but i must say that they still sounded quite nice. I bought DR Extra life Red devils .09 and strung the guitar using this method here: After doing so the guitar sounds tinny and almost distorted when not plugged in. When plugged in, it sounds fine. But an hour ago the second string just snapped while I was playing the guitar. I didnt leave much string to wind up on the tuning thing as i hear the guitar might not stay in tune. What could i be doing wrong? Use 0.10 guage?
  3. Fair enough' date=' I did not realize this board was being used as a testing lab for counterfeiters. In the future i will settle for a straight 'yes' or 'no'. Thanks
  4. Thanks guys i really appreciate it. But how did you determine so? Its the finish isnt it?
  5. Hello, im just wondering. I found this gibson online which the owner says its finish is in cherry sunburst. Does it seem abit darker than usual? Or is this normal? Also apart from the finish, would you say this is a genuine gibson or not? He also claims its 'customized' Thanks alot.
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