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  1. I ended up going to a shop and picking up a used tuner. It's a gold tuner (my guitar has nickle) so now my guitar has a gold tooth smile. I guess it adds character. I don't care.. it plays perfectly now Later I'll end up getting some locking tuners but I'm in no hurry. Thanks for all the advice.
  2. I bought a 05' SG Reissue (love it) but it has a tuner that is bad. I can get a new set of tuners but first was wondering about you opinions on upgrading them instead of replacing them with the originals. The LOOK cool but are these tuners really that good? I keep hearing different opinions on the quality of the stock tuners. If I DO upgrade them, with what? I was looking at these Kluson locking tuners (vintage style).. http://www.guitarcenter.com/Kluson-KB3L-Keystone-Locking-Guitar-Tuning-Machines---3-Per-Side-Bolt-Bushing-300225-i1374087.gc I don't want any tunes that w
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