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  1. No thanks. I've got a Les Paul with P-90's and I love it. I just want a Deluxe like my old one. Except I don't want to pay $2K for an old hacked up POS from ebay. Gibson did it in 1999 and 2005. It's time for another run.
  2. Edited the poll - I totally forgot about those.
  3. NICE! I had a old '79 burst for years. Needed a fret job so I decided to sell it. Been kicking myself ever since.
  4. Bring it back! And do it right this time... Complete with Volute, 3-piece Maple Neck, Mini Humbuckers, real solder, maple tops, no chambers! Well, on second thought, maybe you can skip the pancake body and three piece maple tops How about a '69 VOS????
  5. I'm sure if I dropped the neck PU I could balance them out. I just thought it was strange that, set at the same height, the neck seem somewhat louder. Maybe that's normal? Just wondering if anyone else noticed this.
  6. Hey fellow Tribute owners. I just noticed that the Neck Pickup in my GT is louder than my Bridge Pickup. If I recall correctly Gibson uses the same P-90s in the bridge and neck so I figured they would sound about the same. I checked them with a multi-meter and they measure pretty close to the same output. The switch and wiring seem fine and everything works normally. Is this normal?
  7. Very impressed with my 50's studio. Plays great, low action, love p-90s. Except for the crap gig bag it's all good. Just plan to buy a real case. I gotta say the fretwork on this guitar is really great. Better than I expected for the price.
  8. GT showed up today from Sam Ash Hollywood. I'm impressed. The action was a little high but i just lowered the bridge a bit and it plays like a dream. Really nice fret job. I'm shocked by how light this guitar is. Seems a fair amount lighter than my 2009 Studio with Humbuckers. Happy Camper
  9. Yep. My 84 custom is just a hair under 12. Complete back breaker. I'm all for chambered bodies.
  10. It's real. Deluxes have a bunch of variations. Most have 3 piece tops. Mid 70s models have stacked "pancake" bodies. 3 piece maple necks were used on most but switched to mahogany in the 80s. Maple necks usually have bumps on the back of the neck where it meets the head stock known as "volutes". Serial numbers were either stamped like current models or on a clear decal. The were equiped with minihumbuckers on most but could be ordered with P-90s "pro" models or standard humbuckers. The majority of deluxes out there with standard humbuckers have been routed which is a big hit to the value.
  11. Good news for MF orders I Just got a shipping notice from MF! Black tribute is on the way. Hmmm, should have canceled earlier. : ) Well black and gold will make a nice pair.
  12. Just a heads up. Adam from the SamAsh in Hollywood, Ca called me this afternoon to let me know my GT had shipped out. When I spoke to him, he was fairly certain he was getting a few more 50's Tributes in tomorrow. He expected at least one of them to be a HoneyBurst. If you are interested give him a call tomorrow.
  13. I wouldn't get too worked up about the chip. I have a 2009 Cherry Burst Faded Maple Studio that, despite being treated very well, has several chips in it already. For comparison, I have a 25 year old Les Paul that has been refretted but the finish still looks great! The faded Gibbys have VERY thin finish. I think that may be why Gibson is pre-damaging them. Worn look = Limited Liability
  14. I can't thank you enough! That was very cool! Adam was very helpful. ... and there is some real satisfaction in having the opportunity to return the favor to MF for cancelling my GT order.
  15. FWIW - I called my local Sam Ash twice this week trying to get them to help me track one down without any luck. Two different sales guys promised to call me back but never did. Kudos to Adam @ SamAsh Hollywood for helping me land A GT on the other side of the country! Looks like another cancelled order for MF!
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