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  1. Hi, have you found those? I'm looking for one too. Thanks!
  2. Hi. Thanks for that. Is it possible to use a standard 3 way switch to do that? I would like to use the hole I already have and move the pickup selector to another spot. So I cannot use a mini-toggle. Or will any of these work? SPDT 1 Carling SPDT Thanks a lot.
  3. Thanks for this. I just need to figure out how the DPST is wired then. Do you know how that is done? thanks.
  4. Hello, I am trying to rewire a pair of Gibson Dirty Fingers humbuckers that I had in my ES-347 and drop them in a 335 copy I have. The problem is, I can't understand the schematics i found on the Gibson website: http://www.gibson.com/Files/schematics/ES347wCoilTap.PDF Does anyone have an illustrated diagram for this? As the pickups have 2 braided wires, one for HB and one for SC, I assume, it gets even more difficult for me. Thank you!
  5. Hi zojo, this might be the answer for your tremolo desire without affecting the guitar: Les Trem
  6. Mine is a 82 Tobacco burst. According to the Blue Book, they were manufactured from '78 to '91.
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