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  1. Has anyone started 3D printing these yet? This seems like an easy thing to print and a need that is out there!
  2. I ended up walking away from it. I originally thought that the headstock was off and didn't get a good feeling from it. I hesitate to post more pictures publicly of it because I didn't buy it and it isn't mine. If you really want to see some more pictures of it then feel free to shoot me a message. Thank you guys for helping to confirm what I was thinking! I will keep my search going!
  3. Will get back with some more details in a bit! Just not where I can sit down and type properly!
  4. I found a guitar that I am interested in but I want to make sure that it is the real thing. I have never seen a Gibson headstock like this. According to the white label it is an SJ-45 Deluxe. According to the serial number and the Gibson serial number identifier website it is a 1999 model made in July in Montana. Any thoughts or have you ever seen a headstock like this? I tried to do some research but couldn't find a whole lot about it.
  5. I put some Cleartone strings that I had on there. I also just put some .12 D'Addario EXP strings on my Taylor, so I will try those out. May just have to go back to regular GHS Phospher Bronze strings. Mine doesn't say "Historic" on it. Just the orange label with "Style: J-45".
  6. Yes, it does have the orange label! I put .12's on it last night. Now I just have to wait for the strings to get alittle old. I am one of those strange birds that likes strings when they age a little and get a little of that "thunk" to them. New strings are just a little too bright for me.
  7. There is one crack on the top and then one on the back. Both about 3.5-4 inches long. I actually know the luthier that sealed them and I absolutely trust his work. He did it about 5 years ago and they haven't moved or changed at all, so they don't really worry me. When I say sealed, I mean that he stopped them from cracking more, but he didn't completely repair them and make them invisible. My guess is that the person that owned the guitar wasn't really bothered by it because it didn't effect sound or playability. I know the guy that owned it as well and I know that they used this guitar for many years when they were touring so it definitely hasn't been babied or anything like that. It is definitely a working man's guitar! HAHAHA Is there anything that I need to watch for on the cracks? Maybe just movement or widening of them or anything?
  8. I recently got a beat up, used Gibson J-45. A few cracks in it, kind of dusty. Heck, the thing was toured hard for several years as a main guitar...but let me tell you, the thing absolutely sings! Cracks and all beat up, this things plays like a dream and sings like an angel! Here is my question, it is a 2004 I believe. The cracks and stuff don't bother me at all. They have been sealed and I can always get them repaired more later if they do bother me. My question is this; I was thinking that this was a Modern Classic (or Standard) J-45 but it has the Gold logo and white button tuning keys. Was this standard then? What are a good size string to run on it? I think that there are .13's on it now, but I use .12 Cleartones on my other acoustics. Thoughts?
  9. Yeah! My wife and I are both class of 1989!! Wow, talk about a small world!!! We still live here in Chickasha.
  10. NO WAY!! A fellow Chickasha Fightin' Chick!!! What year did you graduate?
  11. So you just use that as your case and are able to shut the doors rather than put them in a case?
  12. Are those juszt antique armoirs? That is brilliant! Great collection!
  13. Just a question that I have always wondered about. I have personally done both but I wanted to see what you guys thought. Is it alright to keep your guitars out (including semi-hollow body guitars) or shoudl they always be kept in the case when you are not playing them? What do you do? Case or no case?
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