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  1. it was made in 1996, i'd have to see a picture to know if it's a studio
  2. series/parallel wiring is another method used to obtain a more single coil like sound from a humbucker, similar to the goal of a coil split. the two coils of a humbucker are wired in series with each other and by using a switch to change that to parallel it is supposed to function more like a sigle coil, 2 single coils actually. one of the pros of using this method is that the pickup is still hum cancelling, unlike with a coil split.
  3. also the color codes on whichever pickups you do use will vary so don't necessarily go by the colors on the diagram i posted there.
  4. first do this, but leave the coil tap/split wires off since you aren't using a push pull. http://www.teslapickups.com/wp-content/themes/tesla/diagrams/2-Humbuckers/2-Humbuckers-1-Volume-1-Tone-3-Way-Switch-1-Push-Pull.pdf then remove the capacitors from your tone pots and then simply attach the coil split wires to the center lugs on what were originally your tone pots, leaving one outer lug case grounded and making sure that the case is grounded and you will be able to variably control the amount of signal from that half of the coil gets shorted to ground. NOTE: you will need 4 or 5 conductor pickups which stock SGs do not generally have.
  5. i'm using an alpha pot right now, it works fine but like you said it is an import so the base doesn't fit the plate without modification and also the speed knobs on my LP fit it very loosely so i had to bend the split a little.
  6. right, the problem is that it still won't be set in the hole so over time the nut can come loose and the pot will spin, spring washers or serrated washers help but it's still not as good.
  7. thought so, i think i'm going to email Gibson and see if they make them and no one carries them or something. it just doesn't make sense to me that they would make a short shaft version and stamp "Gibson" on it but completely forgo the long shaft pot that is standard in their most popular guitar.
  8. unless i can find one that is actually the right dimension for the plate itself!
  9. or were you just asking why i wanted to keep the plate? that's because i already invested in a long shaft push pull for my coil split and i don't want to buy another one of those.
  10. Because with the plate the guitar uses long shaft pots and without it would use short shaft pots. could use long shaft without the plate but it would look silly.
  11. that would work but then i would have to buy all new pots, which i plan to do anyway but i would like to keep the plate in there
  12. have those, they will fit with a little bit of tweaking (bending) but the bracket on the pot itself does not line up with the the stability holes in the plate.
  13. does anyone know if there is a manufacturer that actually makes push pull pots that fit the control plate on a les paul?
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