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  1. A friend of mine had an early 80's Concert. Single 12 with an uncovered oak cabinet and cane grill cover. Other than being a beautiful amp it could make your ears bleed. He was always looking for the ultimate clean tube tone and this amp came very close with his vintage '67 strat. I was always asking him to turn it down during practice.....like knives through my ears. IMO a great amp...
  2. I put one on my Sheri. I don't remember where I purchased it, though. I needed to trim a bit to fit around the PU's but not a difficult task. I prefer the shorter profile of the 335 style. Sorry, no pic available.
  3. Very nice guitar....if you can afford one...here's one on eBay....... Blues Deluxe
  4. Here's a few more.... 2 Juniors... Non-Epi's. St Blues and Jimmy Vaughan Strat...
  5. I don't post much, but here's my guitars. Some pics are ok, some are not... Joe Pass, as bought. Need to replace the knobs and pickup switch..... EB-0 Bass and G400 P-93 Riviera and Sheraton (with Imperial tuner knobs, Gibson TRC and short 335 pick guard..
  6. Here's the link: http://store.guitarfetish.com/chhumapaovbl.html They look interesting...and economical.....comments/reviews?
  7. That's what I use, without that bandage. And a few single stands.
  8. I've got the Blackheart 5W head running through the EPI 1x12 cab and it sounds great. Very pedal friendly too. I'd really like to try the Blackheart 15 Watt.......
  9. The original ones had the frequensator, newer ones have the stop bar. IIRC.
  10. Looks like nice construction/materials, but I don't care for the black hardware.
  11. Mine was delivered yesterday. Played around with it....sounds great. Then I started to take it apart, like I do with most stuff I buy. I noticed that the 4 EL-34 power tubes were not Groove Tubes, but generic Sovtek. Called MF and the best they could do was a $30 credit. I was hoping for about $50, but he wasn't able to do that. Oh well, net cost for the amp was $269 plus $20 for shipping. Not a bad deal and all my Epis sound great through it!
  12. Good to hear you like it. Mine ought to be delivered Friday. My son has the V16 and he loves it. Can't wait to try all my Epi's through it!
  13. Yesterday I ordered this: link Can't wait to try all my Epi's with it!
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