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  1. If you have other amps and/or use pedals to develop your sound, there really isn't much need to mod them. I only went down this path as something fun to do, while it was only amp.
  2. I'm sorry but personally I think that the pick guard should immediately be yanked off, in either case. [-X/
  3. Oh, and I also like the DC idea antwhi2001. Think I'll be looking into these a little closer..
  4. Thanks for all replies fellas. Seems there is a lot of variation within the genre so I'll either just have to chance it or wait till I can try them hands on. One bad thing about living in a small town is that I'm pretty much a slave to mail order..
  5. I recently aquired a Epi Dot and have decided that I really like 24 3/4 scale guitars. I have been playing strats and teles mostly for the last 10 years or so but now I'm looking to add a nice LP to the mix as a primary solid body HB guitart. Here are my thoughts and I'm hoping someone can chime in with some useful advice. I like the way my Dot hangs on me in that it brings the neck up nicely. I'm looking for similar fit. I want the weight to be reasonable. I don't want a 10 pound guitar. I want quality hardware that I won't have to replace and hopefully a set of pups that will keep me content for awhile. The LP Ultra/Ultra II interest me because they have a satin finish neck ( I like that a lot..) and less weight overall. Seems this creates a bit of a balance issue though. Does this really cause the neck to hang low? The Ultra II seems to have some nice sonic options with that other nano pup but I'm not how useful it is. What do you think of that? The LP standard plus seems like a decent guitar also but I'm concerned about the weight. How much does yours weigh? Any help is appreciated..
  6. Thanks for that info Burstbucker. Do you happen to have any pictures of the back of that neck and the joint?
  7. So I recently aquired my first 24.75 scale guitar when I scored a used Dot 335. I really think this is a good scale for me and I am interested in getting a solid body Epi. Not really into an SG because of the balance issue but I noticed the Wilshire the other day and was intrigued. Has anyone tried this reissue yet? How well is it made and how is the neck? I typically like necks with a nice bare wood feel and was wondering what the neck was like on these. Hard to tell the from the shots and the description on MF. Any info would be helpful. Thanks
  8. Thanks for all the kind feedback and pup advice fellas. I actually have a GFS Fat PAF in my strat right now and I was thinking that might be a good choice for the bridge. How much surgery do you have to perform to swap pups out on own of these? It looks a little more tricky that working on my strat or tele.
  9. Well, I took the plunge and just recently got my first Epi. It's my first gibson scale guitar and it is really suiting me quite nicely. There isn't anything more than some pick scratches on the pickguard and I got it for $220.00. I couldn't say no. I want to put some really nice pups in this before too long. It's okay as is but I'm not really happy with either pup by itself and usually play in the middle position. I want it to sound 'bigger' and 'ballsyer' but not modern. Any recommendations?
  10. So, what are these Marshall Mods you guys are talking about? I've got one BitMo Trio modded head that I am quite pleased with but I am starting to scope out my next project for "Channel 2":d/ I'm thinking something with a little more gain might might be a good next step. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thx.
  11. Hey Gil, Sorry it took a few to get back with your question but I have been crazy short on time and I forgot to subscribe to this thread. I don't have have any other gig bags in the lineup at this time but I have been interested by the number of requests that I am getting. I'll just have to see how these go over I guess and make a decision based on cost of production. Your interest has been noted in my running tally. Strength would not be a problem if I decided to do one for the combo. Your idea would certainly be one way to make it work but I'm not even sure that would be necessary. I'll have to look into the weight of the combos.
  12. Hello everyone, Allow me to introduce myself once again. I've been here (the old forum) a few times in the past seeking advice regarding mods, but I have all I can do to find time to play guitar so I don't get to hang out here much. Here is a little background to my relationship with the VJr. I've been playing a Valve Jr. exclusively now for about 6 months. I sold off my Tiny Terror when I got this amp and I have never regretted it. I recently installed the full BitMo Trio mods and I am very happy with tones I am getting running it through a 1x12, with an Eminence Texas Heat. I may upgrade the OT yet but I a not really in a hurry to do so. I actually think I may pick up a 2nd once before too long and run either run it through a seperate 1x10 or get a 1x10 + 1x12 stereo cab made up for me by Ear Candy. Either way I think this would offer a lot versatility, in a rig that would provide great stereo capabilities, at a volume level that would be perfect for most bars in my neighborhood. One of things that I actually did miss about my Tiny Terror was the gig bag. My VJr gets moved around a lot, going over friends houses and really felt like I needed to protect the mod work that I have done so far. Being that I have a small cut and sew business/hobby that I run out of my house, I decided that I would do a small production run of gig bags, and make them available to my fellow Valve Jr brethren. Currently, I have a couple dozen gig bags available for sale. They are very high quality and they are made in the USA. They can found at http://www.rightstuff.biz/productpages/ValveJr_GigBag.htm and once they gone, they will probably not be available again. Please forgive for the shameless spam but I thought that a few of you would be interested in knowing about these. Thanks for listening and have a great day.
  13. Thanks for the reply but I don't think you understand. I'm not looking for a satin finish on the guitar. I like satin finish Necks (aka low gloss). And, I'm not really looking for a Les Paul look, I'm looking for a Les Paul SOUND. I've played GFS pups and they are pretty good but they don't have THAT sound.
  14. I am currently seeking out my first Les Paul. I've been playing Fenders since I started 11 years ago and they are like home for me but I have decided that a Paul is mandatory. There are two models that I have been interested in for a while. I'm not crazy about the graphics on either one but that doesn't really matter. What I'm looking for is that classic Les Paul on-the-edge sizzle and bite. I also want a neck with minimal finish on it. I like satin and if need be, I will take a steel wool to any neck to get the proper feel. Here are the two that I'm considering. Your experience and thoughts are appreciated. Joe Perry Boneyard-Seems well done except for maybe the tuners. The Burstbuckers intrigue me because they are supposed to be a quality pup but I don't know much about them. Had one in my hands once years ago and I remember that I liked the neck a lot. Good solid feel. These come up on ebay every once in a while so I figured I could probably get one for about $550 if Im patient. The Les Paul Ultra-Comes very highly rated and I like the thought of the lighter weight. Not sure about the weight balance issues I hear about though. Most of the hardware seems decent but again, I don't know much about these Pups. Neck has a satin finish and is supposed to be a slightly narrow profile. Supposed to be good for Fender players. I look forward to your thoughts
  15. Woo hoo... =D>/ Thursday I received my Trio kit. Spent a few hours on it last night and another hour or two on it today. I am pretty amazed at the quality and variety that this brought out of my amp. I thought this was going to give me some slightly different characteristics and with improvements but I was not prepared for it to be this good. I pretty much like all the sounds better than stock and it now agrees with my Tele much more than stock. I think it may even be a little quieter. I live in a small town and the rooms hear are not that big, so I really don't need big amps. I may have to consider getting another one or two of these for a multi amp set-up. Hell, the price is right and now I feel like the potential of this amp has been unlocked for me. Thanks Bruce!
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