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  1. Wow it is nice to see an old thread I started come back to life. I still have the 335, and I most likely always will. The recent sale on Long and McQuade is crazy! I will try to get some time to do some recordings and place them on you tube, the tone from this one is absolutely stunning. I have considered getting a new ES339, or an ES137, but I keep reminding myself, that this guitar actually played and sounds better than either of these that I have had in the past. I cannot imagine a better value on the market, I have owned no less than 100 guitars in the past 10 years and this is my 5th d
  2. Yep, for the month of October Long & McQuade has these on for the ridiculous price of $399.00, and you can buy it over 12 months interest free. It is an insane deal. I restrung my baby about 2 weeks ago and man does it sing. I get the normal fits of GAS, and have looked at Gibson ES339's ( again ), but keep coming back to there is no way after playing the two that I can justify spending the extra cash. This 339 is that good. Enjoy you purchase and anyone interested should grab this one this month...now if L & M would only get the cherry version of this guitar
  3. Here is part one of a video on how to properly swap out PUP's and electronics. This should help you out. Parts for doing this are available on their website. <object width="640" height="385"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p29QN4ycHMU?fs=1&hl=en_US"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p29QN4ycHMU?fs=1&hl=en_US" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen
  4. The pick ups are showing the film for epiphone genuine pick ups, the Slash model is standard with Seymour Duncans.....Run from this one. The slash comes with a custom case, Studded guitar strap, COA, and guitar picks. Good luck, the real ones are very nice guitars.
  5. Here is my take on the situation. Upgrades are very difficult to recover financially. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the G400 pick ups as installed. Lastly your original post had you trying to have a complete package of < $600.00. The G400 you are pricing with all the components you are looking for will exceed your price. You have been given a lot of good advice over the past 2 weeks on the forum, and now that is 2 weeks you are not playing. I would go with whatever you like, we can only make suggestions to you, but at the end of the day its your guitar. Now buy it and play LOL
  6. Bad Deal Long and Mcquade will ship you a new one for $365.00 and free shipping. If you want faded it is only $330.00. Check their website, you will be able to purchase the package you want within your budget and get all new gear. Pick up the G400 faded for $330.00, a line 6 spider 4 15 for $119.00, apex 20' cable for $11.99, apex clip on tuner for $19.00, $21.99 for a planet waves retro strap, and a ritter electric bag for $35.00. Total is $536.98 + Tax, shipping is free. My friend you can't do much better than this , add $35.00 if you want the gloss finish. Best of luck.
  7. Sorry to say, the finish is Poly not nitro. This is one of the many misprints on the Gibby pages. The tribute does not have a single piece neck as you can find if you look through the details on that guitar. The 1959 and the Tribute both have new, high quality finish processes in poly. Here is another part of the same section of the details of the 1959.... Creating the finish on the 1959 Les Paul Standard is one of the most labor-intensive processes of building guitars, but it’s worth it. After hand-sanding, the guitar is sprayed by skilled painters in order to achieve the perfect “burs
  8. I purchased the Tribute....I still would like the 1959 as well. I chose the Tribute for the 57 classics, tuners and coil taps. Also the Tribute appears to have more for less money. Buy what ever one you like more, if the 1959 is anything like my tribute, they are awesome values. I used to own one of the most beautiful Gibson Les Paul Standards, and this out plays and has nicer tone imho. The Gibson is a better constructed guitar, but at 3x the price Good luck with your decision.
  9. If you like the 66 silverburst then it is the one for you. My opinion is skip the all access pack, buy either a Roland cube 15 ($99.00) or Vox pathfinder 15 ($119.00), gig bag or hard case ($15-$50) and cord separately. Truly the amp and the bag are not great quality. Make your own kit you will be happier with the outcome.
  10. Thanks to all for the comments. I really wasn't suggesting the guitar is sounding different, only looking different. My comment on resonance was in relation to the top grain changing appearance. I have seen grain on the neck of my Godin session neck appear and is darkening as the guitar is played. I have also owned a Martin D16, where within 2 months 6 patches of bear claw become prominent, that were not there when it was purchased... Dannyboyee, I would highly recommend looking around for another to try, it is a very good guitar, especially for the money.
  11. Nice guitar[cool] Like the upgrades, and I like pick guards on Les Pauls. Enjoy her.
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