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  1. I love the tuners on that. I've never seen them before that have little levers come out so you don't need a string winder. Pretty smart.
  2. Up until Thanksgiving, it was Springfield, MO for the last 11 years. Now, it's Olathe, KS (Kansas City).
  3. Hey everyone, It's good to be back after about 4 months of very limited access. But now the new house is going strong and I can get things back to normal. Now for my question. My father-in-law once told me never to keep my guitars in the basement. Now, considering his age, I'm sure he meant some dark, dank hole in the ground subject to moisture and major temperature fluctuations. What are the findings out there on storing and displaying guitars in finished basements that are regulated with heating and air conditioning and de-humidifiers? Any possible harm coming their way other than me n
  4. +1. I've really enjoyed Ben's lessons as well.
  5. I've been there twice. Could spend all day and night in there if they would let you. Love to watch the assembly stations they have there also. If that place doesn't get your GAS going, you need serious therapy.
  6. I like the way my teacher explained it to me. He called them by the shape of the original chord. "A" shaped E or "C" shaped F, etc.
  7. Beautiful. How bout a pic of that headstock? I love me some green keys.
  8. My 2007 Daewon Honeyburst Plain top is a 2nd. Other than a couple very minor discolorations in the finish around the headstock, I couldn't find a thing wrong with her. She played every bit as well as the full price ones next to her in the shop and I took her home for $300 instead of the $400 they wanted for the non-2nd's.
  9. That was pretty much what I thought. I've done minor setup adjustments to my other guitars but am going to have my Dot Studio setup from the place I bought it. It's included with the purchase of a new guitar. I'm curious to see the difference between what I've done on my own and a "professional" setup. When I bought it, they did advise me to play it a couple of weeks and let it adjust to the conditions in my home before bringing it back in for a setup.
  10. Not a big fan of painted guitars personally, I like to see the wood grain. But if you have to paint one, nice choice of adding the pinup gal. She's sweet.
  11. What all should be done when getting your guitar setup by a professional? Is is basically intonation, pickup height, string action, and truss rod adjustment if necessary? Or should it also include any nut adjustments to prevent string binding? Restringing with new strings? Just curious.
  12. Whoa, had to stop for a second there. The next town over from Springfield here is Republic and their high school mascot is the tiger. Eerie.
  13. +1. That is as long as I'm thinking of the right guitar. Basically a 335 but LP sized?
  14. Thanx everyone on your condolences about the layoff. I've got basically until the end of next month and a couple of possible options available already so things aren't as bad as they could be. Also, thanx on the compliments about the new gal. All my guitars are girls for those of you that brought it up. Not that I have anything against men, it's just that I compare them to boats and cars, they are all ladies in my book. Question - If I ever wanted to try to turn her (or another Studio) into more of a standard Dot , are the 3 holes already drilled for the switch, volume and tone co
  15. Damn that's clever. And funny. Unfortunately, they'll be extreme cheapies. Shortly after buying her, I find out I'm getting laid off in 3 weeks. Damn economy.
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