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  1. I don`t know of a cure,as of yet, Over 40 + years 50 some guitars, No , no cure, But that`s me,, But feel free to ask Jerry Mac. I think he knows i think he has 20+ more then i do...
  2. Yes,change the strings.Most guitars you buy need to have a new set put on before you play them.Junk strings will cause a list of problems for you. Not only this but you don`t know how long it was in some warehouse before you got it. Bruce
  3. Oh ,i guess i can understand,maybe I have both guitars,My 1967 dot ,and a dot studio got it in08 never been real happy with it. don`t like the neck. plays good sounds ok,the 67 blows it away Bruce
  4. Hope all goes turns out good ....watch them nurses..
  5. Oh no, what a waste of a great guitar,Simple minded idoit. At least one could of done was spend the time to make a patteren so it would of at least matched. Don`t think a good luthier would want to try to remake the F`s might be better to do a new top ,made it right.. AN---Heres your sign
  6. Welcome Good luck on the learning part.. I`m another youngester on here 53 been playing forty years now. Nope ,an not sitting in the house either,to many clubs,places Fisrt gig we did was a high school sock-hop..did a number of proms, teen dances,sweet heart.ya been doin it for awhile now. getting ready to put the band together again this fall.. Want to start doin some older rock fifties been asked. should be fun to go an do the one hit wonder songs..
  7. Yes i had a randall 120,with a 4-12 bottom . loud is the best way i can tell you about it .... My son has it now,it was ok on a large stage ,
  8. yes,there are many way to spot a fake epi... post this in electrics and you`ll get many answers..pictures too..
  9. 10. Begging in the forums for anything is not allowed. simple ,ask all the questions you want ,on how to,or what parts fit and from where.. But.....watch how you ask if any one has them or.... Ya you know ,, Just PM someone on here and ask if they know .... Gee i guess that does kinda of break another rule,well maybe more but what the mods don`t see.....
  10. I once had a DOT marked II ,loved it ,Had a good setup done to it before i got it .. So all i had to do was put good strings on it ..Sold it to one of my friends get to play on it when i go over ,
  11. So bids can get up if one wants one bad enough .. No foul that i can see,looks like it has been well care for too.
  12. Well,gee They did it so we all could get yardwork done,they got tired of listening to the better halfs complain,lol Plus we had more time to play ...
  13. All guitar necks bend,SG isn`t much different.So yes they bend a little easier then some others.. Got one here i got they said it had a broken neck.OK so i see what looks to be a crack in it but two years of getting played ,nothing, stays in tune ,no problems with it,so what they said is cracked,looks to be in the finish and not in the wood... But go play a few in the store`s and see what you feel when you play them ..
  14. At that level your not going to get much in the way of clean,just loud So try turning the amp down to like 5 or less and try turning up the guitar Your kinda of chocking the guitar pickups so no clean sound ...
  15. All that`s needed is nothing more then a good setup.Any tech can do it hollowbodies setup a little bit different then solid bodies. So you think the frets are causing all your problems,sorry i don`t buy that ..unless there stickin past the neck
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