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  1. Hi Gil, How do I know which version my VJr is? Also, if I'm wiring to the volume pot doesn't that signal go through the second half of the preamp tube before it goes to the power tube? And if so, doesn't that mean I already have a buffer? Of course, I do IT support so schematics and 'real' electronics aren't my thing. Which is probably why my amp tech makes 60 and hour while I make 35... :-) -Gary
  2. Thank you Gil! I guess that means I can place a jumper across the 2 connectors where the input jack previously plugged into the board. The amp sounded a little brighter when I was tied into the center lug - because the volume pot wasn't loading the signal at all I guess. As for the buffered input schematic - how different is that from stock? Meaning, can you point me to the stock schematic so I can visualize the difference? I'll probably have my amp tech do the work since I'm so new at this... Thanks again for all your help! -Gary
  3. How does one do that? :-) Also, Wiring into the center lug bypassed the volume control. Wiring into the outside lug made the volume work again. Is there a tonal difference between the two? Thanks!
  4. Hi all, I wanted to bypass the preamp in my VJr head for use with my Damage Control Demonizer. Some info at amptone.com said you can wire into the master volume pot -specifically the middle lug. Would this work on the VJr? I don't need an effects loop and I can solder pretty well so can I wire the input jack right to the volume knob? Any thoughts? Thanks, Gary
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