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  1. Mine is more like and AC/DC Plexi sound. I use a LP copy with Gibson 57 Classic pickups.
  2. Gil, What tone stack do you suggest for the EVJ and where are the directions?
  3. Mouser: http://www.mouser.com/ Digikey: http://www.digikey.com/ They will both send you a free catalog which makes it easier to find what your looking for.
  4. I was not too worried about the cost of the tubes but was wondering if it would sound better if I lowered the bias even more. If I use the 20R, 20 watt power resistor on the primary, would it change the bias just like changing R14? and would it lower the voltage on the filaments?
  5. To make it a little lower would a 250R do the trick? I am not sure if the line voltage fluctuates but it is a little high at about 123v. Would a power conditioner or variac work too? I know it certainly sounds better now that I changed R14 from 220R to 240R. I also seen on the S2 website that a 20 Ohm 20W power resistor on one of the primaries was used. Can this help improve things? What does it do? Thanks Steve
  6. 1. R14 =240R 2. Cathode Voltage=10.21V 3. Anode to Cathode Voltage 302.2V 4. Cathode Current .043A 5. 12.86W 6. 10% of Cathode Current 1.3 7. 11.56 Dissipation This is what I got by following the directions at : http://www.diycustomamps.com/valvejunior.htm#vjbias Did I do it correctly, and if I did, am is this good enough or can it be improved? Thanks, Steven
  7. I have the Weber Mini-Mass 50 and it is pretty good for attenuation but I really haven't tried it for the line out. Steven
  8. It is worth modding even though it is much better than the version 1 and 2 out of the box. C1-6, R2, R6, R7, (maybe R8&9) R10, &R14 can all be improved. You may want to mess around with some more mods to fit your taste. As for the OT, I was told a Hammond 125DSE or ESE would still make a noticeable difference but I haven't tried it. Steven
  9. I was thinking the one in this link may work. I measured the square hole on the chassis and it was 1 1/16th X 1". I was thinking that the 16th inch may not be that big of a deal? http://ampbuildersparts.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=26_28&products_id=155
  10. By the way, what kind of switch is it ? SPST, SPDT? I am new to all this as you can see If I found one that is a little too big it may not be too difficult to mod its way in. Thanks, Steve
  11. The fuse inside the power cord jack was blown! I did not know one was in there! That explains why the switch light would not come on. I already put the OT in another one with and it seems to be fine (Actually better it is better than the ver2 7.5k). Now the board smells burnt burnt but I wonder if some parts are salvageable ? I also posted in another forum and was told to check it with a volt meter. which I will. Do you know where I can get an on off rocker switch that will fit in it since I broke it taking it out? And how about the fuse? Thanks, Steve
  12. Well I really did it now! I was doing a mod to my PCB for my EVJ (ver3)and accidentally put the T12 on the T2 (or something like that) when I plugged it in it started to smoke. To my advantage I have some spare PCB's so I swapped it out but when I tried I got no power at all. I know the spare PCB was good because it worked in another amp which I tried before I put it in this one. The fuse on the power transformer was not blown. The power switch was still good. I pretty sure the board and it parts are fried which is no big deal. I was wondering if I fried the power transformer? The OT was still good,I used it in another amp. Thanks Steve
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