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  1. HE doesnt realy bury my amp but it could be louder for sure. When we jam its a room barely big enough to move in and my friend who plays bass that jams with us plays through a 1x18" and a 1x"12 at the same time and my 5w marshallized jr and 1x12" cab can keep up but is buried a little bit but still cuts through enough. and most people talk about a heavy handed drummer but he is a heavy footed drummer ha. He plays at a normal level but the kick drum will knock you out!
  2. I miked it but i dont think they had that very loud. it sounded like it was mostly amp. and we dont have a soft handed drummer... the school wouldnt let us use their drum set so we had to use the churches electric drums. and when i jam with a buddy of mine on a real drum set i can keep up without the attenuator except when he gets a little too excited with his double bass
  3. It went really good, and i need the noise suprressor because in certain rooms the p90s hum kinda bad. And i have and attenuator and it was up about halfway the amp was at about 11:00 Man it sounded great though! about 400 or 500 people. I got some compliments from some fellow guitar players and it was awesome
  4. Tonight im takin my marshall modded Vj out for its first gig. Ive played it at church for about 100 or so and in front of groups of friends but never for a real crowd. The most people ive played in front of was last spring a friend and i played wonderful tonight for about 900 people in our schools talent show(but i played acoustic and he played piano). Tonight is bacaloureate(a service for the graduates) and my churches band is playin for it. We're playing a four song set and the auditorioum seats about 1000 and i dont know how many will be there. Im playing my PRS SE with two P90s into my Ma
  5. I usually run it with my guitar (PRS w/ P90s) -> Boss noise supressor -> Electro harmonix clean boost -> Homebrew electronics germania treble boost -> EH small clone chorus. I rarely use the chorus and i just got the treble boost and it was a bit thin but putting the clean boost right before it.... Dang it sounds nice.
  6. I flipped my head and i took the emblem off with a screwdriver to pry it off. To re aplly it i just cut off the middle peg with some wire cutters then used a metal file to sand it down flat and put a bit of craft glue on the two remaining pegs and put back in and it fits perfectly and covers the old center hole.
  7. Yes, the hum followed the Jan phillips so im gonna get a replacement for that. The frizzyness didn't follow the tung-sol so i think it was just too much gain on the head but the 5751 smoothed it out nicely but now is humming. On the head i have R6 at 100k and R7 on a switch with 100k/1meg and i very seldom use the 1 meg so it doesn't have a ton of gain but sounds MUCH better with the 5751. I'll have to order one for each of my amps and get a replacement. And if im hearin you right m-theory my Jan phillips was used when i bought it? Whats a different good brand of 5751? Thanks!
  8. I have no idea, ijust know its a Jan Phillips. I bought it about 4-5 months ago, and the writing on it is green. Im thinkin it was about 10-15 bucks so if that tells you anything about it. Thanks twang i'll try that method of cleaning it. What do you think could have caused this?
  9. In my marshall modded head i have been using a tung-sol 12ax7 in the preamp. I've been searchin around here and sewatt to find a solution to the slightly frizzy top end. I then decided while my fendery combo is on the worktable why not try the Jan phillips 5751 in my marshally head. BINGO problem solved! It sounds amazing. My fendery combo had a wierd hum. Its kind of a howling noise that gets louder if you barely hit the pots or switches. Now my head is making this noise so im thinkin it is the tube. I took out the tube to look at it. The 12ax7's pins are shiny and silver but the 5751's pi
  10. THis would be really cool i think. Im still pretty new to this but i don't see why it wouldn't work. You might want to reverse the order though so it would be lift(low gain really fat) then with 1uF at the other end of the rotation because the lower the value the tighter the bass at least in my experience. The only reason it wouldn't work well is that i have a C4/1uf switch cuz i like the bass tight. I used to have a 10uF in there and it was too fat for my tastes as well as the 5uF. Unless you liked the stock 22uF i don't know why you would put it in there but this sounds like a cool switch. I
  11. Wow i've just been modding my amp on instructions given mostly by cGil and now i can offer some advice! I don't know why the fender doesn't have a C4 but off of cGils advice i put in a marshall/fender switch for C4 with 1uf on one side and 5uf on the other. It's very subtle but really helps. The 1uf marshall side has a very tight bass responce and sounds best dirty. the 5uf fender side has a more rounded bass and sounds better clean. Hope that helps! ask gil about it. He knows WAY more than i do about it.
  12. Okay thanks! I'm gonna order the stuff probably tomorrow but i'm gonna give all the parts to someone to give me for christmas because noone knows what to get me. I figured that i would put in the stock tubes to break in the caps and save my good ones. What i'm gonna order for my amps is as follows...The *s are what i've already done. i'm gonna order everything else... ......................Head(dirty)................................combo(clean) R1......................1meg*.......................................1meg* R2......................10k.......................
  13. This is probably a really stupid question but when you leave your amp powered up for an entire week do you mean you just have it on to break in the caps or you have something playing through it?
  14. how many watts do the other resistors need to be and are electrolytic caps okay? I think i'm gonna go with sozos. About how long do they take to break in and is C1/C2 the only place to use sozos?
  15. Hey gil which would you recomend for C1 and C2, mallory, sozo or oarnge drop? My main tone i'm shootin for is a Billy Gibbons/ Jimmy Page/ Angus Young tone. My old V3 Vj has a lot done to it. For the new one this is what i've done so far and yet to do. R1 1meg. C3 stock but on a switch. C4 4.7uF. R6 100k. R7 1meg/100k on a switch. I don't think i'm gonna add a tone control to this one but i might. I plan to change R2 to 10k. R4 to 100k 1/2w carbon comp. C4 to 1uF. R8 to 1.5k. R9 to 680 ohm. C5 to 1000uF. I'm gonna order all the parts soon and was just wonderin which caps i should get for C1 an
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