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  1. I'd definitely look into one of these if I didn't already have my Handsome Devil.... [YOUTUBE] [/YOUTUBE]
  2. Congrats man, honeyburst has always been and will always be my favorite finish on a les paul, period. Now make with the pictures!
  3. I think I remember that thing. It was basically 3/4 of a box that your amp sat on. Ok yeah, it looks like it was just called "Sound Enhancer".....
  4. Haha. I always though it was weird how much the price jump is from the Handsome Devil to the Hothead. Still, if it sounds just as good as my HD then it'd totally be worth it, for all the different modes it can run in. Way too much amp for me, though. I get yelled at at rehearsal enough as is.
  5. I'll say it all day long, you can't go wrong with a Blackheart, no matter what you play.
  6. +1 on the Blackheart. I don't know how outrageous shipping would be from the U.S. dealers that do international shipping, but if you get the chance, I'd go with a Blackheart over all the other low-wattage tube amps. I've played them all, and the Blackheart is my favorite by a mile. My 15 watter sounds great even at bedroom levels, and I recently played a gig with it, unmiked, with a loud punk band. Very versatile in terms of volume, tones, and clean headroom.
  7. Oh. and I have a 30 dollar Behringer tuner pedal that does the same job and works just as well as its 90 dollar Boss counterpart. So there.
  8. Because there tends to be a lack of conversation about punk bands 'round here.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6iKqOMPZTw EDIT: Dammit, I always forget the youtube code on this forum. Should work now.
  9. Yep. Putting Vintage 59's in my LP was the best decision I've made for it. I just sold the Gibson pups I had in my G-400 and you best believe the new ones I get are coming from GFS. I'm thinkin' the Alnico IIs. Best part about GFS is their warehouse is like an hour from where I am, so when I order stuff I usually get it that day or the day after.
  10. Damn, that's a fine lookin' guitar. I think Faded's one with the chrome looks cooler but still, I'd trade in my ebony LP standard in a heartbeat for one'a those.
  11. I was in the jazz band in high school. I used my Dot studio, and just a clean setting on the Behringer amp I had. The other kid used an Italia and some Fender amp. No effects, the instructor woulda killed us for it.
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