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  1. http://www.tdpri.com/phpclassifieds/showproduct.php?product=10207 its probably not a steal, but its nice!
  2. i am not totally sold on wax idea.. its not about it being faster- more so something about the hardness of the finish or lack of it being porus is what i am reconning.... who knows.. i should for sure try SOMETHING.
  3. the g400 neck is killing me... just feels cheap. whats the best way to get the more silky feel of a gibson neck? steel wool? if so- what rubbing method? "wax on-wax off"? "paint the fence"?
  4. just stripped the guard off my VS lefty sherry and getting new pick ups for it this week... lets see yours!
  5. elixers have NOTHING on a set of CLEARTONES... i have them on my acoustics are are phenominal.... they font shred and fray like elixers
  6. crummy swap? heres what im getting for the mustang pick up... Duncan Alnico II Pro Neck Humbucker, Duncan Invader Bridge Humbucker, GFS Fat PAF Bridge Humbucker the duncan invader is WHITE with black allen poles- (white pups.. yuck..) but its probaby going in my g400 the mustang pick up is easily worth 200 ish- BUT i would rather upgrade my sheraton than screw around doing ebay to end up with 150 after fees and paypal and etc.
  7. this one is black... bolt on neck... what should i offer the guy? i def. decided not to get rid of the g400 for it after doing some more research...
  8. yeah its basically a bolt on version of the guitar dimebag darrel used to play.... i really like this style (and im a blues guy..wtf?) BUT i did the research-- these easily go for 275 new... pups are crummy... i have aDean quilted maple back and sides solid 12 string thats phenominal...... .. i love this metal tacky body style= but im wondering what else the guy might take for it.... i have realized that the neck width is my issue with the g400... and the pups are iffy....
  9. vintage burst.. pups are black.. got an offer to trade my 64 mustang pick up for them... want em for the sherry.. good upgrade?????????????????????????????? the mustang pup is worth 200 to the right buyer--- but im trying to see if the guy will toss in his sh8 metal pick up too so i can use that for something else in the future...... and how will it look? should i take off my p guard?
  10. i plan on having most of my guitars that havent already been manually done, all done... at 70 a guitar x 14 un dressed necks is a lot... lol... i tune like this--- A at 440. i make the second fret of my d string a perfect 5th againts my a string. g string octaves the a string (play to frets higher on the g. play A string second fret to find the B string. 5th fret B string to tune the high E. power chord the low e till its a perfect fith against the A and octaves the d string.. i redo that twice then match 3rd fret B string against open G (should be about dead on.. 3rd fret high E againsts the B string... then redo from the top.. its anal but its PERFECT on barr chords, power chords and traditional chords... one solo and your EBG are all Fked. lol.
  11. oh AJ-7ender mexico has A LOT more color options than 7ender USA. BUUUT thats a lot better than either burst or black than most epis. i wish the epi lp came in iced tea or tobacco burst- i cant stand cherry burst. oh well... i bet scuffing the neck and new pups would help me love the g400 more... with 7ender finally releasing the jazzmaster in lefty in 6 months- i think that is whats motivating me to sell her.
  12. yes this is the cherry g400. the g400 is only avai in cherry in lefty unless you get the iommi. theX- i will try- i have only heard good things about re-ranch. when i start doing more T-style partscasters- i will be there!
  13. well- the guitar is perfect. still.. untouched... i did notice that i think the pots are wired majorly wroing...but they arent scratchy nor is the selector switch.. i wanted to scotch bright the back of the neck- GFS 59 swap the pups and 500k pots with a switch craft selector... BUT that would render in nearly unsellable... i paid 300 and with case- 370... they are 420 with case now... i like it but i never really bonded with it... i guess if i knew what i could easily get out of it- that would make me keep or boost my call to get what i want instead..... maybe.
  14. hey sorry for the lack of being on here- incase anyone cares/...lol.. kinda really got back into fenders and have been designing a custom ash tele build... still have my g400 lefty and my sherry...... still havent bonded well with the g400.... was considering trading it in...what does everyone think?
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