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  1. Seems like a very good value for the money. For only $30 more than a regular Special II you're getting a flame veneer, bound body, and the Shadow tuner. Looks really nice, too.
  2. They probably just ended up with unsold Alabama models and repainted them. Wouldn't surprise me at all. I've never seen anything specifically like this on an Epiphone, though. Custom colors over sunbursts sometimes turn up on 50s Fenders, likely because sometimes when they got an order for a custom color they just resprayed an existing guitar for expediency, but that's turning "common" into "unique" not the other way around :)
  3. Not sure if the Dot Studio neck is the same as the other Dots, but even though it's listed as "60s Slim Taper" in a lot of the literature I've seen, my Dot Studio has the thickest neck of any guitar I own. Very comfortable for chording.
  4. That's a really nice looking group and a good variety. But I think you should treat yourself to a solidbody with full-size humbuckers. You've got hollowbody mini hums, solidbody mini hums, solidbody P90, hollowbody P90and hollowbody full-size hums. So that would cover all the bases :) I've heard that those 50s Tributes are amazing players.
  5. It seems like over the last few months Epiphone have been phasing in the "Vintage" logo as the "Official" logo rather than the one they've been using for a long time with the Epiphone "E" but the rest essentially in the Gibson font. It used to be they used the "Vintage" logo on more Epiphone guitars that were "originally" Epiphones (Casino, Wilshire) and used the Gibson like one on Epiphone versions of Gibson designs (Les Paul, SG) but it looks like they have switched to "Vintage" for almost everything now. If you look at the Guitar Gallery at Sweetwater, where you can see actual instruments they have in stock, all the Les Pauls and G400s have the "Vintage" logo.
  6. I'm not sure on whether this is considered a 2013 or a 2014 guitar, but both Musician's Friend and Zzounds show the Heafy 6 string as "in-stock." http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/epiphone-limited-edition-matt-heafy-les-paul-custom-electric-guitar http://www.zzounds.com/item--EPIENMT I've seen cases before where a new item shows as "discontinued" when it hasn't even arrived yet. Not sure about Canadian availability, though.
  7. I think that's definitely a Standard Plus Top in Wine Red judging by your pictures. You can see it on the unofficial wiki here. The "Pro" revision came along in 2012, but the previous Plus Tops are still nice guitars. If you're selling it with the HSC you have in the pics, I think you could get more than $250 with the right buyer.
  8. Looks like a lovely guitar. In this case, I bet "Casino Vintage" indicates "Vintage Sunburst." If it were natural, I bet it would say "Casino Natural."
  9. Summer NAMM is less than a month away. That would be a logical place to announce the new models.
  10. Great job. A very cool project. I hope you will continue to enjoy both Brendas for many, many years to come :)
  11. Here's 1985 with a Lotus Les Paul copy: Here's December 8, 2012 (filled in on bass for this gig)
  12. Here's my humble Epi family. Les Paul Special, Dot Studio, Les Paul Custom: Wilshire Phant-O-Matic: AJ-15 with special guest (he's 8 now)
  13. Looks legit to me. You could always message the seller and ask for the serial number. He mentions having the serial, but doesn't include it. It's in the F-hole, so they can be hard to take pics of.
  14. I haven't seen any details yet, but they did have the Genesis at NAMM again. They officially announced the Matt Heafy Les Paul that's in this photo with the Genesis today, so maybe there will be word soon? http://www.premierguitar.com/Magazine/Issue/2013/Feb/GALLERY_NAMM_2013_Day_2.aspx?Page=29&
  15. I like Ernie Ball Regular Slinkys (.10) on 24.75 scale guitars and Super Slinkys (.09) on 25.5 inch scale guitars. I've had good luck with Dunlop and Fender strings also (Fender Super Bullets work well with traditional Strat trems). I don't get along well with D'Addarios. I don't have especially sweaty hands or anything, but they go dead on me crazy fast. Not sure why. They're fine when they're fresh, but they lose snap and sparkle on me within a week - even with minimal play. Now that I just play around the house, I probably change strings on my most played guitars once every 3 months or so and the rest maybe once a year. Like Whitmore Willy said, back when I was gigging I had to change strings on my stage guitars every couple of weeks. I don't typically break strings, so I almost always change 'em 6 at a time.
  16. Man, these were first announced at Winter NAMM last January. Glad to see that they're finally about to hit the streets. I like the collection as a whole and the look of these in general, but really dig the Explorer. http://www.epiphone.com/News/Features/Features/2013/Limited-Edition-Epiphone-TV-Silver-Collection.aspx
  17. They only made 1,962 of each of the 1962 collection models, so it's no wonder they went fast!
  18. Could happen. Waaaaaaay back in October of '09 on the Epiphone Blog they said "A white grain filler was used and then covered in a “green-ish” clear back in ’64 to get this desired effect… and is quite difficult to reproduce today. But we have the guy who can do it! (hint, hint)" http://epiphoneblog.wordpress.com/category/epiphone/page/3/
  19. The 1964 Coroneet is on the Epiphone Press Site: http://www2.epiphone.com/press/new2012.html There aren't any details yet, but the headstock pic shows a two-hole TRC, which definitely hints at made in USA. Since dealers still have stock of the 1962 Wilshire, limited to 100 pieces and released in 2009, I'm hoping that Epi goes a little easier on pricing on this one.
  20. That's the older Prophecy GX. The latest version has different inlays, a traditional 4-knob setup, and 490R/498T instead of Dirty Fingers.
  21. The wrench supplied with new Epiphones is 4mm. I think most of the current Epiphone models (and many other import guitars) use that size. I've used the same wrench on my Epis and my RG350.
  22. I don't think the Sorrento is out yet. Or at least it hasn't hit any of the big online retailers. American Musical Supply has the 1962 Riviera (in all finishes but natural) and the 1962 Crestwood (in red) in stock, but none of the other 1962 guitars yet. The difference between a Wilshire and a Crestwood Custom is primarily cosmetic. The Crestwood has fancier appointments (nicer inlays, pearloid logo vs. silkscreened) and was the "top of the line". The later Crestwoods had a standard tremotone and bound fingerboard while the Wilshire stayed with tune-o-matic and unbound board as standard. The first Crestwoods also had the Epiphone "New York" humbuckers while the Wilshire had P-90s. Both were using Gibson mini-humbuckers by 1962.
  23. If anyone has been thinking about getting a 1966 Wilshire w/tremotone, $299 isn't bad... Epiphone Worn 1966 Wilshire with Tremotone Electric Guitar Aged Cherry Today's Price: $299 http://www.musiciansfriend.com/stupid/?src=3TP2FRS (I assume this link will only work today - November 6)
  24. These hit the Epiphone News site today: http://www.epiphone.com/News/Features/Features/2012/Epiphone-1962-50th-Anniversary-Collection.aspx
  25. The Wilshire Phant-O-Matic was first hinted at on the Epiphone Blog in November of 2010, hit the press site in August 2011, was officially announced on the Epi blog on September 26, 2011 and finally became available for purchase on October 31, 2011. So you never can tell with the good folks at Epiphone when something is going to show up. Seems like they'd want to get 1962 "50th Anniversary" models out in calendar year 2012, though!
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