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  1. This has just been a great little amp. Changed tubes to JJ's early on, added a POD ( up graded from XT to HD recently). Never any hum, buzz or hiccups just great to play. Top tip. The Valve Jr loves the Soldano clean model. Cheers!
  2. If you ever get the chance plug the blacklux amp model from a POD into it. I love the sound of my VJ with that model.
  3. Hey, thanks. That just may fit the bill.
  4. Does Epi make a twin humbucker guitar with a piezo bridge. I'm in the market for something in the $6 to $700 range. Solid body preference, but semi hollow would do. Thanks.
  5. Tung Sol 12ax7, JJ EL84, MXR 10 band, POD XTLive and a Wampler SuperPlextortion pedal. That makes a much better Valve Junior.
  6. To be honest I can't remember the last time I tried the Vj on it's own. I can remember thinking how much bolder the combo sounded that I bought for my G/F over The SS's I had at the time (Vox DA20 & Peavey transtube 110 efx). So I off handedly plugged my POD XT Live into it. Seriously it was all over but the crying for those SS amps. Within 20 minutes I was on the internet ordering the head/cab for me. It was that huge an improvement. I never really cared for the OD/Distortion/fuzz in the POD so i replaced those with boutique pedals that I really liked and never looked back. I've plugged into alot of modelers (vypers,SCXD, Valvetronix, etc.)since that time and can still find nothing that compares for the range of tones and quality of sound. The only other thing i'm looking at is the Rebel 20, but that is only because of the ability to add 6V6's to my mix in one package and still keep it under a grand. Other then that a Vj and a POD can certainly stand against any other practice rig out there. Vj loves pedals and it loves modelers. From Buck Owens to Metalica i'm real happy with this setup.
  7. Has anybody run the Custom Classic V212BN with their Valve Junior? http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Vox-V212-2x12-Speaker-Cabinet?sku=609500 I wanna upgrade my cab and would probably prefer G12H speakers, but don't wanna go over $400 and this was my 2nd thought. I do use an AC15/30 amp model a fair bit, but I use a Hi-Watt amp model alot more for Gilmour stuff. Thanks.
  8. In a word Bold. I changed out the stock JJ power tube with another JJ, but took the advise i got here on the Tung sol for the 12ax7. It just sounds like a more expensive amp. No rough edges. I hear the Vjr described as "boxy" by some and never really agreed with that, but I kind of got what they were saying. An Eq can pretty much solve that, but with this tube it's way better on it's own and with an eq this is just a great tone now.
  9. I'd go with the Vox DA 5 also. If budget isn't a concern try the DA 20. By far my favorite SS amp under $300
  10. Also try a tung sol 12ax7. That little $12 tube made my Vjr V3 sound alot more expensive over stock. Outstanding improvement.
  11. I personally prefer the Valve Junior, but I was never a big fan of the valvetronics series.
  12. You need to list a budget, what type of music you play, are you going to gig? The best amp you can buy is pretty subjective, but are you spending $300 or $3000?
  13. Yeah, there are alot of good pedals out there. I applaud these guys that build them and DIY guys too. I'd rather deal with someone who does well out of his garage then a corp/factory any day.
  14. ^ Yes it's too subjective. My 3 would be the Wampler Superplextortion Skreddy Lunar Module Visual Sound H2O Chorus/Echo However the guy next to me might hate those combinations.
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